Troubleshooting: Why Can’t I Find PractiFI?


I went to, logged in and I think I’m in Salesforce, but it doesn’t look like PractiFI. How do I get into PractiFI?


This is common if you’re the nominated PractiFI system administrator for your company. Most users are taken directly to PractiFI when they log in. But the system administrator has permission to get “under the hood” to native Salesforce functionality, so they are taken first to Salesforce, from where the need to select the PractiFI “app”

From within Salesforce, you’ll see the app selector menu in the top right of the screen. Just select PractiFI and you’ll be taken to the PractiFI app.

Select PractiFI From Salesforce App Selector
Select PractiFI From Salesforce App Selector

And you should end up in PractiFI!

PractiFI - Practice View