Who’s The New Kid On The Block At PractiFI?

Let me introduce you to our newest recruit, Vern Fernhout!

Vern joins us as an Account Executive, based in Melbourne, Australia. He’s your go-to guy for any sales-related questions about PractiFI.

Vern hails from South Africa, so we’re becoming attuned to his creative pronunciation of vowels. He has a strong background in wealth technology across numerous markets and he’s adept at applying the power of the Salesforce platform to financial services.

Equally importantly, he shares our love of a good glass of red, so he’s a natural fit into Team PractiFI.

Got a question about how to drive the best from your wealth business with PractiFI? Grab Vern on vern.fernhout@practifi.com. Take advantage of him while he’s still wet behind the ears.