How To: Upload New Clients & People Into PractiFI

So you’ve made the decision to jump on the PractiFI bandwagon? Good call. Go you!
Once you’ve managed to recover from having your mind blown, you’ll probably want to get some of your data into the system. And the best place to start is with your Clients and People.

If your reaction to “Client and People” is a resounding ‘HUH?’, then slow down there cowboy. You’ll probably want to take a few minutes to get your head around the concepts.
Pop over to this post and put some knowledge in that brain of yours, then head on back and we can pick up where we left off…

Welcome back. Now that you’re a certified expert on Clients and People, let’s start breaking down the upload process:

The Tool:

Here at PractiFI we’re all about the cloud (did you notice?) – so it stands to reason that our data loading tool of choice would be one that lives in the sky with us. Let me introduce you to from our friends at Mulesoft.


The Data:

Every system is different, we know that, so the way your data looks now is probably not the way we need it to look to get it into PractiFI.
Don’t panic! All we need you to do is download our data migration templates from right here, then gently massage your data into them.


The Tricky Bits:

One or two of the data migration processes can be a little tricky your first time around. But don’t despair, Uncle Matt is here to help.