Built from the ground up for the needs of the industry, PractiFI for Superannuation puts a huge array of configurable features at your fingertips, enabling you to grow and run your fund, your way. We’ve automated the repetitive, unleashed data insights and integrated the very best tools to create an incredibly powerful platform that runs your super fund.

Grow the fund

Growing membership is essential for success and strong employer relationships are critical to achieving growth. We bring the power to maximise employer engagement, track events and manage interactions. Go beyond traditional CRM and create deeper relationships backed up by concrete value.

PractiFI for Superannuation unites the employer record with membership, providing real time opportunity identification to capture greater share of members. Confidently demonstrate value with rich reporting and analytics, and drive employer engagement by capturing interactions, marketing activity and events. Watch your fund grow.

Know the fund

Members are the beating heart of a fund. A true omni-channel view is paramount to ensuring its health. Gain a 360 degree view across multiple accounts, interactions and channels. Share a single member record across administration, operations and financial advice. Benefit from a real-time monitor of your membership.

PractiFI for Superannuation provides a hub for member engagement, providing insights and opportunity identification with a single, unified view of every member. Rich analytics highlight member activity and scope for further interaction. Connect online experiences, SMS, telephony, live chat and more to drive engagement, increase satisfaction and grow the heart of your fund.

Know the fund with PractiFi


Run the fund

Smart technology buyers have seen the benefits of cloud platforms to reduce risk, lower cost and increase flexibility. Separating the systems that run the fund from those that administer member accounts is no longer an aspiration, it’s essential. Integrated solutions for administration, sales, marketing, advice & education is the future.

Use PractiFI for Superannuation to drive massive efficiency gains in your fund. Our enterprise-grade workflow, reporting and audit capabilities give you the confidence you need to strive for more. Our boundless integration capabilities unite every aspect of running your fund directly onto member and employer records. Harness the power of global technology and the strength of local knowledge to build a better future.


A huge array of configurable features, right at your fingertips.


Delivering omni-channel experiences and marketing is all about integration. Harness the power of direct marketing, web, telephony, SMS, live chat and much more.


Manage rich employer relationships with the benefit of transparent connections between employers, members, advisers, team members and individuals to build deeper relationships.


Gain insight into members and employers, create segments and power tailored marketing journeys. Identify trends in enquiries and monitor contact and satisfaction levels. 


Visibility of members is critical to delivering tailored member experiences. Likewise, knowing employers, their staff and the interactions they have is key to establishing lasting relationships.


Understanding every interaction between your team, members and employers is not only good compliance practice, it’s good business. Use data to improve efficiency and increase value.


Use file notes to build a rich and auditable history of member and employer interactions. Link to stored documents and collaborate around the member or employer record.


Use automated workflows to drive everything from complaints management to events. Unite fund and advice staff and track effort spent servicing members and employers.


Capture details of sub-funds, group insurance benefits, and defined-benefit divisions all in one system. Link trustee details and harness powerful analytics to drive board level reporting.


Use powerful import, extract and backup tools to create a local copy of member and employer data. Connect external data sources for sensitive information stored behind your firewall.


PractiFI strikes the balance between ‘turn-key’ and hugely configurable. Begin with the standard, then tweak & create a solution just right for your fund. All with our simple interface.


Track the cost and utilisation of each staff member and bring transparency to fund operations like never before. Smooth periods of peak activity and drive maximum efficiency.


Manage ad hoc activity through tasks to ensure everyone knows exactly what they need to do and when. Understand where effort is being spent to identify and remove inefficiencies.

The right choice for the superannuation industry

As trusted by

We take your risk & compliance seriously

At PractiFI, we understand the superannuation industry and the regulatory environment in which super funds operate.

When it comes to implementing cloud platforms like PractiFI, risk and compliance managers raise legitimate questions about security, privacy, data quality and business continuity.

We take the regulatory obligations of our superannuation fund clients seriously and we’re here to help.

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked risk and compliance questions to help you understand our robust approach to cloud security and resilience, and how it applies to the super industry.

PractiFI is a highly secure and robust cloud application designed specifically for superannuation, financial advice and insurance. PractiFI is built to meet the stringent risk and compliance standards demanded of heavily regulated industries.

We built PractiFI on the Salesforce platform because it is a global leader in enterprise cloud services. Salesforce.com’s approach to infrastructure and data security is well documented and trusted by over 150,000 companies and 3 million users worldwide. The platform maintains a comprehensive set of compliance certifications and attestations including ISO 27001, ISO 27018, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3 and PCI DSS.

PractiFI is a silver ISV partner of Salesforce.com, which means that we have met the strict technical and security standards required to launch and maintain an application on the Salesforce platform.

PractiFI is always deployed within a Salesforce instance, also known as an “org”. The org is the secure pod on the Salesforce platform that’s separate and entirely private for your company’s use. You can deploy the PractiFI application in one of two models:

  • as a new PractiFI/Salesforce org: subscribe to PractiFI and deploy it as new PractiFI/Salesforce org. Each licence to PractiFI includes an OEM Embedded licence to the Salesforce platform. This is common for organisations that do not already use Salesforce, or wish to deploy PractiFI separately to their existing Salesforce org.
  • into an existing Salesforce org: subscribe to PractiFI and install it into an existing Salesforce org. This is common in organisations that already use Salesforce and want to deploy PractiFI to a subset of their team.

In both models, you can easily install additional apps from the Salesforce AppExchange, or buy and install additional products purchased from Salesforce.com, such as Sales Cloud or Service Cloud. These products will then seamlessly work side by side with PractiFI in the same org.

PractiFI inherits all of the security and access control mechanisms available on the Salesforce platform.

As part of every implementation of PractiFI, we offer best practice advice on access control on the Salesforce platform. We advise how the platform’s access control mechanisms may be combined to meet the client’s risk and compliance objectives. The options available include:

  • User, profile and role based security
  • Field and object level security
  • Data sharing rules
  • Session timeout thresholds
  • Password strength policies
  • Login IP range restrictions
  • Login time of day restrictions
  • Two-factor authentication

These mechanisms combine to provide granular access control that’s both highly secure and easy for system administrators to implement and maintain over time.

PractiFI staff have no access whatsoever to your instance of PractiFI or your data. The only exceptions are:

  • if you explicitly grant access for PractiFI staff to your instance by temporarily allocating a user account to PractiFI during an implementation project, or;
  • if you explicitly grant access for PractiFI staff to your instance on a temporary basis using the Grant Login Access feature of the Salesforce platform.

You can revoke any access provided to PractiFI staff at any time.

High severity defects in PractiFI are extremely rare, however our support team is prepared with advanced tools and processes to deal with them when they occur.

In the event that a defect is caused by a PractiFI page, we have a unique “hot fix” capability that allows our support team — once you have granted them access — to fix high severity errors in standard and custom PractiFI pages directly without the need for a patch release. This provides our team the ability to remedy page errors, or roll back to previous page versions, or clone pages and redirect, with tremendous speed and responsiveness.

In the event that a defect is caused by automation code or a trigger, patches are created and tested rapidly and deployed quickly using the push upgrade mechanisms provided by the Salesforce platform. Patches may be deployed first to your sandbox environment and tested with your local integrations before being pushed to your production environment.

Service degradations or interruptions to the Salesforce platform are extraordinarily infrequent. Salesforce.com manages its infrastructure transparently and publishes real-time availability and performance information at https://status.salesforce.com/status.

PractiFI’s support team is notified in near-real-time of any Salesforce platform issues that may affect the performance or availability of PractiFI for our clients. When such an event occurs, PractiFI’s support team liaises closely with our partner representatives at Salesforce.com to help facilitate swift resolution of the issue and restoration of full service.

Our support team notifies our clients of Salesforce platform issues that may affect them and communicates regular updates to clients as the matter is resolved.

In short, very little of consequence.

In the incredibly unlikely event that PractiFI were to disappear as a company, your instance of PractiFI will still function as normal and your data will remain on the Salesforce platform as before.

If you have deployed PractiFI using OEM embedded licences for the Salesforce platform, you’ll need to purchase a new subscription agreement for those licences directly with Salesforce.com in order to continue using the platform beyond your current contract term.

It’s reassuring to note that at as a PractiFI client, you already have a high level of access to the data structures and business logic of the PractiFI application. The objects and fields that comprise the PractiFI data model are fully documented in our public knowledgebase, and the logic in PractiFI’s 250+ pages is accessible to your system administrators at any time.

In addition, we offer a source code escrow service to a number of our larger clients and we’re happy to discuss your needs in this area.

We develop the PractiFI application in our Sydney office and release it to our clients through three major releases per year in April, August and December. We use Atlassian’s JIRA software suite to manage our product development lifecycle.

The PractiFI application is deployed and upgraded as a Force.com managed package using standard deployment tools that Salesforce.com provides to its ISV partners. The managed package architecture locks down deployed components to ensure that PractiFI’s customers cannot corrupt the data objects, fields and business logic of the PractiFI application. It also ensures that field and object API names are locked down to ensure backwards compatibility for integrations.

Data backup and recovery is an important feature of the Salesforce platform and Salesforce.com maintains a copy of data from backup and recovery purposes. For additional control and peace of mind, we assist our clients to implement a further backup and recovery strategy utilising one or more of the following options:

  • Scheduled backup of all data in PractiFI to an internal or hosted server using an integration appliance such as Mulesoft, Informatica, Jitterbit, DBAmp or Dell Boomi. Typically we’d recommend reusing the same appliance that you’ve already deployed for your integration needs.
  • Scheduled backup of all data in PractiFI using one of the many specialist backup solutions available on the Salesforce AppExchange, such as Spanning or Backupify.

It’s common for superannuation trustees to focus heavily on data quality and privacy risks posed by outsourcing. However, the risks to data posed by staff mistakes and failed batch data processes are vastly more likely and often under considered. The good news is that these risks are relatively easy to mitigate.

We’ll assist you as part of your PractiFI implementation to design and run appropriate training for your staff, supported by engaging support materials that suit the needs of your fund. We’ll also assist you with configuration of PractiFI’s user profiles and layouts to ensure that mass import, update and export features are limited to your super users and system administrators only.

Batch data processes have the potential to fail and potentially corrupt data in any database system. In implementing PractiFI, our architects will advise you on best practice design to ensure that your batch processes and data integrations are transactional in nature, and feature robust exception handling and notification.

We supplement our architecture advice with a recommended backup and recovery strategy to ensure that in the event of mass data corruption, a recent backup can be readily retrieved and implemented.

Extremely low.

PractiFI is deployed as a managed package on the Salesforce platform, a highly secure and robust mechanism for deploying the PractiFI application to our clients. The managed package mechanism enforces unique naming of all PractiFI components to ensure that nothing in the PractiFI application can conflict with other components in the Salesforce org. More importantly, the managed package mechanism completely locks down those unique names.

PractiFI’s data fields and object definitions cannot be changed by your IT team, nor by PractiFI’s development team. Your integration points are thus protected from inadvertent errors by your internal developers and throughout subsequent releases of PractiFI.

All data in PractiFI is held in Salesforce.com’s secure data centres. The PractiFI application does not have any databases or infrastructure beyond the Salesforce platform.

Most of PractiFI’s Australian clients are hosted in Salesforce.com’s Asia Pacific data centres in Japan.

Data is encrypted in transit using Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.1 or higher, as detailed in Salesforce.com’s security documentation.

Data at rest is protected by strict physical security measures at Salesforce.com’s data centres, which are comparable to the best civilian data centres in the world. Facilities are secured by around-the-clock guards, interior and exterior surveillance cameras, two-factor access screening and escort-controlled access. Further details are available in Salesforce.com’s published trust and compliance documentation.

The physical security offered by the Salesforce platform commonly exceeds the standards expected by most financial services organisations of their own internal IT infrastructure. Moreover, it’s trusted by over 150,000 businesses worldwide.

For even greater data security, PractiFI offers data encryption at rest as an additional service using Shield Platform Encryption.


There’s a plan to suit your super fund




(when paid annually)

Best for

Small super funds looking to manage member & employer relationships across multiple channels

Prices in AUD excluding GST

plus Advice



(when paid annually)

Best for

Medium to large super funds with internal or aligned advice team

Prices in AUD excluding GST

plus Contact Centre



(when paid annually)

Best for

Super funds with internal member contact centre or self administration

Prices in AUD excluding GST




(when paid annually)

plus Advice



(when paid annually)

plus Contact Centre



(when paid annually)

Best for

Small superannuation funds managing member & employer relationships across multiple channels

Medium to large superannuation funds with an internal or aligned advice team

Superannuation funds with an internal member contact centre or self administration

KPI Based Activity Tracking Tiles

Standard and custom

Standard and custom

Standard and custom

Member and Employer Segmentation

Standard and custom

Standard and custom

Standard and custom

Automated task and workflow engine

Custom processes and tasks

Custom processes and tasks

Custom processes and tasks

Multi-tier Employer Hierarchies 

Employer CRM

Pipeline Management

Employer Community Access 

Employer Reporting 

Sub-fund and Division Hierarchies 

Accumulation & Defined Benefit Product Support

Trustee Compliance Tracking

Complex Process Management
(claims, early release, family law, complaints etc.)

Trustee Level Reporting

Workload Tracking and Reporting

Omni-channel Engagement Support

Marketing System Integration

Predictive Alerts

Group Insurance Arrangements

Member Level Insurance Benefits

Financial Advice Referral & Tracking

Financial Advice workflow

Financial Advice Pipeline & Reporting

Financial Advice Opt-in & FDS

Team Collaboration

Softphone Integration Support

Contact Centre Console

Predictive Sales & Service Prompts

Open Integration APIs

System Configuration


Phone and Tablet

Phone and Tablet

Phone and Tablet

ISO27001 Compliant Data Centres

Prices in AUD excluding GST



Let us take care of your data migration



Become an expert with our range of training options.



We have a complete solution for licensees.



We have a range of support options available



We are able to customise your instance of PractiFI



PractiFI has been designed from the ground up to integrate. We don’t pretend to solve every problem ourselves. That’s why we have a flourishing ecosystem of partners.


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