PractiFI Rioja Release

We’ve been hard at work building the latest version of PractiFI and we’re super proud to be shipping some significant improvements. Rioja (pronounced ree OH hah) is one of the most comprehensive updates we’ve ever made to PractiFI, featuring a completely new user interface, responsive design, significantly improved load times and dozens of new features.

As always, feel free to get in touch if you would like more specifics on any of the below.

PractiFI Rioja Release


  • Xero Integration: Create a contact in Xero with the push of a button in PractiFI. Sync paid invoices to PractiFI instalments and view them in detail at the click of a button. Note: You must have a Xero subscription to use this integration.
  • GetFeedback Integration: Send surveys to clients directly from the PractiFI client record. Sync survey responses back to PractiFI Interactions. Note: You must have a GetFeedback for Salesforce subscription to use this integration.
  • SPA user interface: The user interface (UI) has been completely redesigned, both visually and technologically with more than 230 new pages.
    • On the technical side, SPA stands for Single Page Application and provides significantly enhanced configuration options and much improved page load performance.
    • On the visual side, every page has been streamlined to make navigation more intuitive and key information easier to read and search. SPA is a completely responsive design, able to re-size for different screen sizes from desktops down to tablets.
    • Note: The SPA UI will not be switched on automatically. You will initially continue to access the standard screens and we will work with your system administrator to add back any customisation and modifications that have been made to your standard screens before activating your SPA experience.
    • Unfortunately, we will not be supporting improvements to the old screens (except for high severity bug fixes) once you have gone live with SPA or after 31 December 2017.
  • Unique URLs: Every page in the UI has a unique URL allowing you to save your favourite pages, lists (including filters) or clients as a bookmark in your browser.
  • Responsive screens: All screens are now responsive, resizing according to your display size.
  • Tablet compatible: Now compatible with iPad when used in Safari, Chrome and Firefox.
  • New configuration options: New customisation options to help you create your own experience. Choose which pages to use across your entire org. Personalised configuration can be made on a per user-profile or even per user basis. Menu configuration lets you customise navigation items, launcher items and user settings.
  • Customisable tables: Easily move or hide columns in tables according to your personal preference. These settings will then be saved for your future sessions.
  • New Client Entity Relationships page: Using the new menu configuration, you can include new pages such as a Relationship page for Client Entities, making it easy to manage relationships between Client Entities such as a Corporate Trustee of an SMSF.
  • New Global Search Engine: Allows you to search for a phone number, email address or policy number, going beyond just Clients and Services. The global search engine has been completely reworked and now provides search results across various areas including:
    • Practices
    • Team Members
    • Tasks
    • Interactions
  • New Task Automation Actions: Task Automation allows actions to be fired automatically following the completion of a task (and optionally selecting an outcome). New actions available are:
    • Create a New Service – creates a new Advice Service allowing you to automate the setup of a new service, such as moving from an onboarding service to an ongoing service.
    • Set the Stage on a Service – changes the stage on a related Advice Service automatically to align with the service life cycle, such as closing out a completed service.
    • Rollover Date on a Service – rolls over the Review, Statement or Renewal date on an Advice Service, updating the provided date and incrementing the next due date.
  • Task Automation available on Task Templates: Task Automation is now available on Task Templates, rather than only on Process Steps allowing for Actions to be launched from ad hoc tasks. Actions available are:
    • Create a new Service
    • Start a new Process
    • Set Service Stage
    • Set Client Stage
    • Rollover date on Service
  • Process step setup simplified: Outcomes and Actions are now also included in the Process Step setup page.
  • Data Management: A new function for administrators with a wide range of columns and filters to allow fine-tuning of lists for mass updating, merging or downloading to Excel. You can also flag records for use in document generation or bulk transactions. This effectively separates the more simplified lists seen in the standard UI from those those required by admins with a more extensive range of columns and filters. Lists are available for:
    • Clients
    • People
    • Advice Services
    • Processes
    • Tasks
    • Interactions
    • Employers
    • Subfunds
    • Member Accounts
  • Relative User Assignment for Processes: When setting up a Process Type, you can now define whether the process should be automatically assigned to a specific user, relationship or the service/client owner. This works in a similar manner to the equivalent settings already in place for Process Steps.
  • Processes for Employers and Member Accounts: Process Types can now be set up for Client Entities such as Companies, Trusts and SMSFs.
  • Bulk Create Tasks and Interactions for People: The Bulk Create Task and Bulk Create Interaction wizards from the Launcher menu now allow you to create tasks and interactions for multiple people records in one go.
  • New Contact Method Selector: New configurable category allows you to set the preferred contact method for each person.
  • Feed Templates in Settings: New function to easily add and maintain preset templates for feeds. This replaces the previous function which was maintained via Salesforce Settings.

The following enhancements are for superannuation users only:

  • Strategic Advice Referral: A new Referral wizard allows your superannuation member services team to refer members through to your advice team, setting up all their details as a prospective advice client, or updating their existing advice records.
  • Processes for Employers and Member Accounts: Process Types can now be set up for Employers and Member Accounts. They can be launched separately or in bulk via the Bulk Launch Processes function in the Launcher menu.
  • New Stages for Member Accounts and Subfunds: We have separated Stages for Member Accounts and Subfunds from Service Stages.


  • Fixed an error where the “@” symbol could not be pasted into a Feed.
  • Corrected the default process name where the process is created by task automation so that it is consistent with processes created by other methods.
  • Fixed an error with saving the primary contact via the Create a Household Client wizard.
  • Tidied up User Permission Sets to ensure they are consistent across orgs and that new functionality works without the need to be ‘switched on’.