Provisio Integration Guide


This integration allows you to run strategy scenarios directly from your clients’ accounts in PractiFI. Key client information will be pre-populated from PractiFI to remove the need to rekey when running scenarios.

Enabling the Provisio integration

Ensure you have System Administrator access and a current Provisio subscription.  

1. Go to PractiFI Settings (top right menu)

2. Click the Config icon

3. Click the Integrations sub tab

4. Click the pencil to edit

5. Tick “Enable Provisio”

6. Save

Using Provisio

1. Find a Client (household) that you want to run a scenario for

2. Click Launch Provisio from the Launcher Menu

3. Select a contact to run the scenario for and press Launch Provisio

4. You will be prompted to enter our Provisio login details

5. Select a Strategy to run

6. If the contact has a partner, it will default to a Couple scenario (and also bring in Partner fields, if available)

7. However, if you want to run a solo scenario, simply Select the Single radio button

8. Run any scenario as per Provisio’s User Guide (note that the Insurance module does not currently support pre-populated fields from PractiFI)