PractiFI Verdelho

They say there’s no rest for the wicked. And that’s fair enough. I like to see those wicked folks working overtime.

But what about the rest of us? At PractiFI, we’ve been working our tails off creating awesome new features ready for our PractiFI Verdelho release. We’re due at least a small rest, perhaps a powernap if we’re lucky, but there just hasn’t been time. Does that make us wicked? You be the judge.

All I know for sure is that PractiFI Verdelho is packed full of features, tons of which are direct requests from our wonderful clients. Check out the details.

PractiFI Verdelho Release 1

    • PractiFI Analytics (Beta): I’ll fill you in on this in a separate blog post, but let me assure you it’s a game changer; the cojones de perro, if you will. Analytics brings amazing new real-time reporting. Picture an array of stunning chart types, driven by filterable tables, with everything updating magically in real-time. Best of all, it’s hugely configurable. More info to come.

PractiFI Analytics animation

    • PractiFI Settings page: Now you can access PractiFI’s huge configurability from within the beautiful PractiFI user experience, rather than going under the hood into Salesforce setup. Adjust categories such as client segments, client stages, service types, service groups, benefit covers, asset and liability types, and so much more. Create new process types and process steps, adjust existing steps and assign steps to processes. Create or edit relationship types and assign them accordingly. Enable integrations such as Dropbox and Google Drive, or plug in customised PractiFI pages.

PractiFI Settings

  • Active attribute on configuration options: Get even finer grained control over PractiFI’s configurable options with the new Active attribute. Now you can tightly control exactly which categories, process types and relationship types are available for your team without having to delete anything you might want to reactivate later. Simple, but powerful.
  • Improved Client View page: We’ve made some changes under the hood to our Client View page. You don’t need to worry what they are, just that they result in faster page load times.
  • Photos in Client People tab: The table of client people in Client View now displays the person’s photograph, for that added personal touch.

Client View - Client people

  • Editable sidebar notes for Practice View: The Practice View sidebar has always been a great place for you to add any notes, messaging or useful links you want your team to access day to day. Now that sidebar is editable directly from within Practice View. Just click the pencil icon and add whatever you like. We’ll look after formatting it neatly into the sidebar.
  • Editable sidebar notes for clients: Ever wanted to make sure that a crucial piece of information about your client is front and centre whenever your staff deal with them? Our new client sidebar notes are just what you’ve always wanted. [Thanks to Scotty and Ben for this idea.]

Client sidebar animation

  • Sidebar Twitter feed: Time to get more social with your clients. In PractiFI, you can already note a client’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts so that their activity on those sites is only a simple click away from our Client View. But now we’ve gone one step further and brought your client’s Twitter feed and Twitter favourites into the Client View sidebar. This gives an up-to-the-moment feed of your client’s activity on Twitter so you’re always in touch with what they’re saying. Plus, you can retweet or favourite the client’s posts straight from the sidebar.

PractiFI Twitter feed

  • Collapsible sidebar: The PractiFI sidebar contains team messages, client photographs, social media links, Twitter feeds and other great stuff. But if you’d rather allow more girth in our main page section, and you want to make better use of your fancy widescreen monitor, go right ahead with our new collapsible sidebar.
  • Contextual task popups: Tasks have long been visible and in-line editable in the context of the processes or services that they belong to. We’ve expanded that feature so that you can now edit the full details of the task in its own popup. Once you save the task, you’re straight back into the context of the process or service you were looking at. [Thanks to Claire for the feedback on this one.]
  • Preconfigure the stage for newly launched tasks: you can now configure processes types and their steps so that tasks are launched with specific stages. This means that if a process has, say, five steps, you can configure step 1 with a stage of Not Started (i.e. it’s ready to go, but not yet under way) and steps 2-5 with a stage of Pending (i.e. waiting on another step).
  • Stages for recommendations: Recommendations you make for clients (e.g. consolidate superannuation, increase holdings of blue chip equities, increase disability cover) now have an associated stage, with standard options of Recommended (when initially offered to the client), Accepted (when the client has confirmed to take action on the recommendation) and Implemented (when that action has been fulfilled). Like all of our picklists, you can reconfigure these options for your practice if you like. [Thanks to Scotty for this idea.]
  • Multiple recommendations on policies: We’ve changed the way that recommendations relate to policies, making it a little more flexible. If a policy is under advice (marked with the same checkbox as before), you can now select the service under which it is advised and optionally apply none, one or multiple recommendations to it. This means you’re not obliged to apply recommendations just to relate the policy to a service, as well as providing flexibility to apply multiple recommendations over time. [Thanks again Claire, a nice idea.]
  • Relating services to services: The services you provide to clients can now be related together. This has all sorts of power, particularly for reporting. For example, you may complete a personal advice service that results in the creation of several implementation services (one for a life insurance application, one for a mortgage, one for a new investment, etc.). The implementation services can be related back to the advice service so that the revenue and costs across all can be reported on together. Services can also be related across clients. For example, relate a corporate superannuation service for an employer with the super fund management service for each member client; or relate an employer’s group insurance service with the policy management service for each employee. [Thanks to Ben’s insight on how this applies to group insurance, and to Ingrid for applying it to corporate super.]
  • Added fields to the add new policy popup in Client View to match those in the view/edit popup.
  • Fixed bug in Person View where link to client record was incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented adding client people relationships to an entity with entity type of “other”.
  • Fixed a bug that affected full operation of service process dependencies.
  • Fixed a bug where the client feed was mishandling rich text copied in from emails.