We're growing, and we're hiring!

We’ve kicked off 2015 at a frenetic pace and we need some brilliant new faces to join the team. Specifically, we’re looking to fill these two roles right now. Can you help us hire the ideal candidates for a dream tech startup career move?

Client-Facing Cloud Specialist Technical Guru Awesome Person

In my head, this person has a killer blend of tech chops and client appeal. Something like this:

  • They’re at the forefront of the amazing new technologies that streamline contemporary web and mobile development (HTML5, CSS3, Angular/Ember/Backbone, etc.).
  • They’re a cloud devotee and can build extraordinary apps in no time with little more than a laptop, a spare few hours and an intravenous source of caffeine.
  • They’re a tech theorist, with strong opinions on relational database design, application design patterns and the ultimate user experience; opinions that they’ll argue hard and loudly. But they’re also pragmatic and know just when and how much to bend the rules.
  • They’re a hit with clients, because they know that the technology they create is useless unless it’s loved by the people who use it. And they can switch easily between tech-speak with the product development team and business-speak with clients.
  • They have a huge commercial drive to make a success of their company and their clients’ businesses. They have a penchant for exciting tech startups, because they know that that’s where they can make a big impact quickly. And they want to get their hands on some early stage share options.
  • They love selecting and mentoring new members to the tech team, ensuring they learn their craft well and use their powers for good.
  • They’re building a personal brand for themselves and expect their employer to help them foster it.
  • They want to work in Sydney, Australia, but like the idea of some travel, particularly to Europe and the US.
  • I’d dearly love it if this mythical übermensch also had 10 years of intense design and implementation experience with the Salesforce platform and knew it inside and out. But if I can’t have my nirvana, we’ll teach them the platform.
Wealth Industry Client Success Account Manager Super Person

This person has the perfect combination of financial services industry background, client management skills and technophilia (that’s not a dirty word). Along these lines:

  • They understand the ecosystem of financial services and particularly wealth management. They’ve been working with financial advisers, mortgage brokers, life insurance advisers, pension/superannuation funds and accountants for years.
  • They understand the needs of wealth practices as well as wealth institutions, both in Australia and ideally in overseas markets as well.
  • They have a head for sales. Not so much in the front line, but in building client success that leads naturally to cross- and up-sell opportunities.
  • They’re super organised. They can take a confused client and a new technology and turn them into a successful implementation project.
  • They’re online-savvy, love their mobile and make clever use of social media in their work. And they know how to work with techy folks to make sure they get what they want from technology.
  • They can turn their hand to anything that makes the client’s rollout of new technology a success: requirements analysis, project management, training, documenting, troubleshooting, floorwalking, handholding, mopping up tears, sharing the celebratory champagne … whatever it takes.
  • Their work elicits the kind of testimonial quotes from clients that get published on the company website.
  • They love the idea of a small tech startup because they get bored easily and thrive in a fast-paced environment.
  • In my utopia, this person has used Salesforce in one or more previous roles and knows their way around it.

Are you amazing and perfect for one of these roles? Perhaps you’re just PractiFI-curious and want to know more? Or maybe you know someone else who’d be awesome for us. Don’t be shy, get in touch, as we’d love to talk.