PractiFI Grenache Release

It’s been just three short months since our Verdelho release. In that time, the stream of great suggestions we receive from our clients has continued at even greater pace. So we’ve been working flat out nailing as many of them as we can.

Let me introduce you to PractiFI Grenache release. Plump, juicy and jammed full of feature-rich goodness.

So, to paraphrase one of our favourite wine vendors: Boom! The release is yours.

PractiFI Grenache Release

  • Customisable Subtabs: We love crowd-sourcing features to bake into PractiFI, but not every requested change suits everyone, so PractiFI now offers customisable subtabs. Customisable subtabs allow you to capture rich, custom information within the familiar PractiFI user interface in a whole raft of areas, namely Clients, People, Team Members, Providers, Services, Processes, Tasks, Assets & Liabilities, Income & Expenses and Policies. But we’re not talking just simple fields; custom tables, popups and menu items are all possible. Best of all, you can use customisable subtabs with peace of mind, knowing that you’ll stay firmly on the standard PractiFI upgrade path, and that any custom fields are available for reporting and export.
  • Web Enquiry module: Need an enquiry form on your website to feed PractiFI with new prospects? Many of you have asked us how to do this easily, so we created a new PractiFI Web Enquiry module. Your webmaster just needs to embed the enquiry form into your website (it’s very pretty by default, but you can style it further with CSS if you like) and you can start capturing website enquiries as new prospects straight away. With a little extra configuration, you can generate feed posts or email notifications for each enquiry, or trigger workflows. The Web Enquiry module is priced separately to your PractiFI user licences, so just get in touch with us for details.
  • Field History: As an adjunct to PractiFI’s #TRACKEDCHANGE generation for Chatter, you can now track detailed change information for all the key records you have in PractiFI.
  • New Task Defaults: New open tasks now default with a due date that’s configurable in PractiFI Settings. New tasks in the completed task list now default their status to complete, and tasks created anywhere in the client view now default to the current client.
  • Related Search: Various usability improvements to the Related search boxes. New visual cues where no matching records exist, and policies are searchable by policy number and insurance provider (policy numbers previously were searchable by our internal policy numbers. e.g. IP0004343). (Thanks to Ben & Claire for pointing out this one.)
  • Log Calls as Interactions (beta): Log inbound and outbound calls directly from the Client View as interactions. Interactions are stored directly in the client record, and you can even capture a mood indicator to ensure that clients are staying happy. We have big plans for interactions, so stay tuned for more info.
  • PractiFI for Salesforce1 Mobile: Our first release of PractiFI configured specifically for Salesforce1 Mobile. Now you can manage clients, services, tasks and more straight from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Merge Clients and People: Duplication happens. Salesforce has powerful record merging features, however this previously required leaving PractiFI and poking around in the Salesforce back-end. We wanted it to be easier, so we’ve brought merge clients and merge people into PractiFI.
  • Policy Termination Date: You can now track the termination date on policies, by popular demand.
  • Email Not Mandatory: Where email was previously a mandatory field when creating a new client, we’ve made it optional. (Thanks Gaylene.)
  • Enhancements to Assets & Liabilities: Link debt to assets, capture legal ownership, track recommendations over time and populate data fields that relate to specific asset and liability classes. (Thanks Rob, Ed, and Claire for the input.)
  • Mass Delete Matched Emails: If Match-My-Email imports emails you don’t want to keep, now they can be deleted en masse.
  • Person and Provider View Relationships: The relationships tab in Person View and Provider View is now richer and consistent with Client View.
  • Fixed a bug in Feed that was prevented correct rendering of hyperlinks.
  • Fixed a bug in Person Relationships popup where relationship types were occasionally not displaying values.
  • Fixed a bug in the Match-My-Email popup that prevented the next page of emails from loading.
  • Header was missing from the Team Member View Basics view/edit popup. It’s there now.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the primary contact profile photo from rendering on some occasions.
  • Fixed a bug on the Service view/edit popup where adding a task would not set correct related to value.
  • Fixed a bug on the Task view/edit popup that was preventing calculation of estimated vs actual variance in effort.