PractiFI Demo: Drill-Through Analytics

I’m incredibly excited about our recent Pinot Noir release and not just because of its wealth of new integrations and features.

I love it also because it takes PractiFI Analytics to another level of interactivity.

PractiFI Analytics now accesses our action framework, allowing for on click drill-throughs for more detailed analysis. PractiFI Analytics can now answer deeper questions, such as:

  • If my top financial adviser earned the business $50k in revenue for the month amongst our segment A clients, how did that split by revenue type? And how does that compare to the revenue split for our segment B and C clients?
  • If 16% of our advice team’s audit results are graded Unacceptable, how many advisers comprise that number? Is it a broad trend, or a concentrated set of repeatedly poor results? How do our audit results this year compare to last year?
  • If the average time for handling complex member enquiries in our superannuation fund is 3.5 days, how does that vary across our contact centre team members? For a single enquiry type, such as notification of insurance claim, how has our average handling time improved or worsened month on month this year?

Superannuation funds and advice businesses use PractiFI Analytics to answer these types of questions every day. But the real power lies in the configurability of Analytics to answer the questions you might need to ask in future.

Take a look (go HD and full screen).