PractiFI Cabernet Release

We have good news! PractiFI Cabernet has been deployed and as usual, brings with it a host of new features and enhancements. As always, feel free to get in touch if you would like more information.

PractiFI Cabernet Release

  • Riva Integration: Maintain an up to date view of email communication with your clients.  You can now synchronise your emails with PractiFI. Incoming and outgoing emails with clients will be viewable under the Interactions tab. Note: You must have a Riva license to use this integration.
  • Workflow Task Automation: A new automation engine that can trigger different types of actions on completion of a task. Actions are a new function that can be defined on Process Steps / Tasks when the Task is completed, and optionally, where the Task is completed with a given Outcome. Types of Actions available:
    • Kick off a Task (based on a Process Step template)
    • Launch a Process (based a Process Type template)
    • Update the stage of the Task’s parent Process
    • Update the stage of the Task’s parent Service
    • Update the stage of the Task’s parent Client.
  • Extension of Superannuation features: Primarily aimed at the Superannuation Administration industry, PractiFI has been extended to cater for a range of new entities, organisation types and relationships.
    • New Organisation Type for Employers
    • New Service Types for Sub-Funds and Member Accounts
    • New Person Types for Members
    • Stage and Segment available for Person entities
    • Member Account search from the Launcher menu
    • Employer search from the Launcher menu
    • Conditional rendering of various pages dependent on Superannuation being enabled.
  • Benefit level premiums: New functionality to record premiums at benefit level for bundled insurance (different insurance types bundled under a single policy). i.e. bundled Life, Trauma and TPD insurance can have separate premium amounts recorded, which will add to the annual Policy Fee, and sum to the overall policy premium.
  • At a Glance is the default landing page: Upon login users are now directed to the At a Glance page by default.
  • New Relationship validation rule: When adding or modifying a Relationship, the From and To fields are now mandatory.
  • Extended Bulk Create Tasks functionality: Bulk Tasks now have more attributes that can be associated with a Task Group; be based on a pre-defined Task Template; and/or  Task Outcomes.
  • Completed Tasks change: The Completed Tasks tile on At a Glance now queries Group Code rather than Code on stage which provides more flexibility.
  • Mass update available for processes: Previously the only mass update function for processes was to flag rows for deletion. You can now also update Process Type, Stage, Due Date and / or Owner for multiple processes in one go using the Mass Update function.
  • Enable Suppress At Launch setting: “Suppress at Launch” was previously a hidden Process Step setting to hide a particular Process Step on launch of a Process.
  • Display group with outcomes: The name of the outcome category group has been appended in Task Templates & Process steps.
  • OmniLife version update: Integration with Insurance quoting tool – OmniLife updated to latest available version.
  • Age filter picklist method amended: In the people tab, the Age filter has been changed from a picklist to allow entry of any age.
  • Custom tab for Interaction page: Added the ability to include a Custom tab on the Interaction page to allow for Custom fields.
  • Display Owner of Instalments: Added Owner field to Add Instalment and Edit Instalment to enable revenue instalments to be assigned to a specific Owner.
  • Reviewed and adjusted number of table rows displayed: For the majority of tables, the number of rows shown by default have been increased.
  • New Mailing Address field on the Account Object: A new field has been added to the Address object to coalesce existing address fields – uses the postal address, unless blank in which case it will use location address. The new field does not appear on screen however can be used for mailing/Conga etc.
  • Prevent Editing of PractiFI core Skuid pages: New security measure to prevent key PractiFI pages from being accidentally overwritten by edits. Pages should first be cloned if you want to make your own changes.
  • Denormalise Primary Division onto User: Team Members (i.e. users) can be members of multiple Divisions (e.g. practices), with one of those relationships denoted as primary. Denormalising the related division onto the user object enables additional functionality for analytics and other model conditions.
  • Chatter is now selective: Chatter now detects if the feed is enabled on an object and prevents posting if not. Feed is still displayed as read only, and comments can be made.
  • Additional Skuid page details: The Skuid pages for additional pages were added to PractiFI Settings.
  • Resolved an issue where resetting a Task due date to the future would still show as overdue.
  • Amended the default sort order for the At a Glance Client Birthday tile/People list table to earliest day/month first.
  • Amended Income and Expenses so they now net off correctly.
  • Fixed an error with Process Step due dates so the number of days correctly takes into account weekdays only.
  • Fixed minor validation/warning messaging
  • Fixed an issue where only a single Person could be added to a Provider.
  • Fixed an issue where the Client People relationships to other parties were not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed minor UI issues.
  • Fixed an error in Group View where the number of members displayed was not correct if a queue had more than 20 members.
  • Fixed an issue in the Service popup where changing the default service name would revert to the default on save.
  • Fixed minor table filtering issues
  • Fixed an error on creation of a Household Client where Team Member was not mandatory.
  • Fixed an error on creation of a new business client where cancelling, then continuing would cause the Next button to disable.
  • Fixed an issue where the Task list in Service View was not showing related interactions.
  • Fixed an issue with a Group Insurance policy calculation that was referring to a deprecated field.