PractiFI Alsace Release

It’s time for another wine! PractiFI Alsace fills your glass with a crisp set of new features and enhancements. As always, feel free to get in touch if you would like more details on anything contained in this release.

PractiFI Alsace Release

  • Riva Integration:  The Riva integration has been extended so you can now synchronise your calendar appointments with PractiFI. Calendar meetings with clients will be viewable under the Interactions tab. Note: You must have a Riva license to use this integration.
  • SMS Magic Integration:  Send an ad hoc SMS directly from a client record. Messages are sent from and recorded in Interactions. Note: You must have an SMS Magic subscription to use this integration. Contact us for up to date pricing for PractiFI clients. 
  • Service and Client selector for Bulk Transactions: Easily build a list of Clients/Services when creating bulk tasks, bulk interactions and bulk processes. In a superannuation context, a filter in the Client table allows application to Employers and Providers as well.
  • New Client Entity View: Client entities such as a company, trust or SMSF within a Household now have their own Client Entity View, enabling you to create relationships between them (e.g. a corporate trustee of an SMSF). They are also now included in the Global Search function making it easier to find them. Client Entities are represented by a Hollow Heart icon making it easy to distinguish from Client records. A new field for SMSFs allows a record of whether it has a corporate trustee or personal trustees.
  • Cashflow in BatchView: Cashflows have been added as a tile in Batch, with a click-through to an Income & Expenses table to allow easy tracking of Income and Expense records added or amended via a batch.
  • Multi-Division enhancements: Added telephone and address to Division Info tab and made it easier to manage parent/child division relationships in PractiFI rather than Salesforce.
  • Total Annual Premium formula change: Amended the formula for the calculation of Total Annual Premiums for insurance policies (based on client feedback). The policy fee will now use the same frequency as the premium frequency, instead of being treated as a one-off fee. Note: You should review any records that may be affected.
  • Description for Cashflows: Added a Description field to Income and Expense records.
  • Person list in PracticeView: Added a Person Stage column and filter to PracticeView. They can now be amended/deleted using the Mass Update function. Hyperlinks have also been removed from Mobile, Phone and Email and Social fields.
  • Display of History tab: You can now control whether the History tab displays on various views via a Salesforce setting. Affected areas are Interactions, Processes & Tasks, Portfolio Holdings, Insurance, Cashflows, ClientView, ServiceView, ProviderView and PersonView.
  • Interactions can be linked: In a superannuation context, Member Interactions can be linked to an Employer interaction. A common scenario would be attendance by a member to a seminar held in relation to an employer.
  • Team PractiFI link: Clicking on Team PractiFI from the Admin menu will now take you directly to the PractiFI Success Portal (previously, it composed an email).
  • Resolved an issue with conditional rendering of the Instalment tab so it will display if there are instalments records, even if they are not enabled in Service Type settings, i.e. instalments have been added by a data feed.
  • Amended the Overdue Task filter to exclude tasks due today.
  • Fixed issues where hyperlinks between pages were not working.
  • Fixed an error that was occurring when saving primary contact on client people.
  • Fixed minor UI issues.
  • Fixed an issue with the Client Segment filter in ClientView.
  • Fixed some Audit Setting issues where they were not flowing through to Salesforce Track History as expected.
  • Amended the Person picklist in Portfolio Holdings to only list people that are part of the Household client. In a superannuation context, the Person picklist for Seminar Interactions related to Employers was also updated.
  • Fixed issues around Primary Division on User which were causing errors.
  • Fixed an issue where the Priority of a Process Step was not mapping to the related task.
  • Fixed display issues with dates in the Insurance tab.