Are you our next Lead Technical Consultant?

The pace of growth isn’t letting up at PractiFI and I’m on the hunt for an awesome Lead Technical Consultant. Could it be you?

The Opportunity

Come and join what is an amazingly passionate and fast-moving fintech startup in Sydney Australia. The team is good fun, the pace is fast and there’s never a dull moment. Plus, the package combines typical cash and superannuation components with an equity stake in the business, so it’s pretty exciting if you have a bit of entrepreneurial drive.

The Role: Lead Technical Consultant (Specialising in

We’re looking for a Lead Technical Consultant to be hands-on in leading the design and development of PractiFI product modules, deliver a range of integrations to third-party apps and to consult on major client implementations, all on the Salesforce platform. Skills-wise, you’re:

  • at the forefront of contemporary web and mobile technologies (HTML5, CSS3, Angular/Ember/Backbone, etc.).
  • a cloud devotee, naturally.
  • a tech theorist, with strong opinions on relational database design, application design patterns and great user experience; opinions that you’ll argue hard and loudly. But you’re also pragmatic and know just when and how much to bend the rules.
  • a clear communicator, able to switch easily between tech-speak with the product development team and business-speak with clients.
  • a strong commercial thinker looking to make a success of your company and your clients’ businesses. You need to have a penchant for exciting tech startups, where you can make a big impact quickly.
  • great at selecting and mentoring new members to the tech team, ensuring they learn their craft well.
  • building a personal brand for yourself and are looking for a great employer to help you foster it.
  • keen to work in Sydney, Australia, but are OK with the idea of some travel, particularly interstate and to the US.
  • ideally, very strong on the Salesforce platform. But if you’re a strong techie generally, we’ll teach you the platform.
  • ideally, very experienced in financial services technology and some understanding of the wealth management industry.

Are you the right fit? Get in touch with me on Twitter or LinkedIn. I’d love to hear from you.