How To: Manage Users & Licences


Managing your PractiFI users and licences is a job for the nominated system administrator in your practice. PractiFI leverages the built-in power of Salesforce’s user management and there’s tons of great information available on that. But here we’ll just cover the essentials you need to know for managing users and licences in PractiFI.

The system administrator needs to ensure that new team members who come on board are created as PractiFI users and allocated a PractiFI licence. Equally importantly, if a team member leaves the practice, the system administrator needs to deactivate the team member’s user record so that they can no longer access PractiFI.

It’s worth noting that user records can’t be deleted, only deactivated. This ensures that the history of that every user’s activity in PractiFI is maintained even after they may have left the practice.

If you have a large practice, new user records can be created in bulk and existing users can be mass updated or deactivated en masse. But our tutorial here focuses on managing users one by one.

How To: Add a New PractiFI User
    1. From within PractiFI, go to the settings menu (top right where your name is) and select Setup. This takes you to Salesforce Setup.

Select Setup From PractiFI

    1. From there, under Build on the left, select Installed Packages.

Select Build - Installed Packages

    1. Next to the PractiFI package, select Manage Licenses.

Select PractiFI Manage Licenses

    1. In the Installed Package Detail, you’ll see Allowed Licenses and Used Licenses. If Used is less than Allowed, that means you have spare PractiFI licences that can be assigned to your new user, so read on. If not, you’ll need to purchase more PractiFI licences, so just get in touch with us and we’ll sort you out.

Check Available PractiFI Licenses

    1. Assuming you have spare PractiFI licences to allocate to your new user, under Administer and Manage Users on the left, select Users, then select New User.

Select Manage Users - Users - New User

    1. Enter the basic info for your new user. Much of it is self explanatory, but here are a few specifics to take care with:
      1. Alias is a short 8-character-maximum alternate name for the team member, used in some filters and reports. Make it easy to read, e.g. for Doug Karmichael, go for DougK, not cryptic like DKarmich.
      2. Username is typically the user’s email address.
      3. Leave Role as None Specified.
      4. User License is Salesforce Platform and Profile is PractiFI – Standard for all but system administrator users.
      5. Tick Flow User and Salesfore CRM Content User.

Enter Basic User Info

    1. In the lower sections, under Locale Settings, check the Time Zone and Locale for the new user. Turn off the newsletter settings and tick “generate new password and notify user immediately”. Click Save.

Set Locale and Timezone - Save

    1. From the list of users, select the new user by clicking on their name (don’t click the Edit link). From the user detail, scroll down to the Managed Packages section and click Assign Licenses.
    2. Tick the boxes to assign licenses for PractiFI and Skuid (a development tool used to create PractiFI). Click Add to complete.

Assign PractiFI & Skuid Licenses

And you’re done! But you need to think of what your new team member will see:

  1. Your new team member will receive a welcome email from Salesforce containing a login link.
  2. They’ll be asked to set their password on first login.
  3. To access PractiFI, they’ll then need to select the PractiFI “app” from the Salesforce app menu in the top right.


How To: Deactivate a PractiFI User
    1. From within PractiFI, go to the settings menu (top right where your name is) and select Setup. This takes you to Salesforce Setup.

Select Setup From PractiFI

    1. Under Administer and Manage Users on the left, select Users and select the All Users view from the picklist. Click Edit next to the user you want to deactivate.

Select Manage Users - Users - Edit User

    1. From the User Edit page, deselect the Active checkbox. A warning will pop up, click OK on that, then click save on the user.

Deactivate User

That’s it. The user can no longer access Salesforce or PractiFI.