How To: Create Processes & Steps


In designing PractiFI, we heard loud and clear that whether it’s in advice, investments, insurance, accounting or lending, driving practice efficiency is a top priority. And everyone knows that standardising routine operations in your practice leads to higher quality output, makes training easier and drives up the value of your business. But you also told us that you’d been burnt by overly complex workflow systems in the past, so it had to be simple.

Meet PractiFI’s Processes. A cinch to create and adjust, powerful to work with every day.

To better understand the importance of processes and tasks in PractiFI, check out Concept Dive: Processes & Tasks.

Here, we explain how to start a new process and manage it through to completion. Simple though it is, this is a job for your PractiFI system administrator or power user. Is that you? Great! View on.



Next step? Now that you’ve created some processes and steps ready for use, learn how to start and manage those processes through to completion with How To: Start and Manage a Process.