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Google Drive for PractiFI – Upgraded

You might recall my post last August about our Dropbox and Google Drive integrations for PractiFI, and how activating either of them is a cinch with the new PractiFI Settings page in our recent Verdelho release. But I want to share with you the new, upgraded Google Drive for PractiFI, available very soon in our upcoming Verdelho Release 2. It’s always been great, but now it’s contextual.

But why is context so important in financial services technology? Let me explain.

You can add file notes in PractiFI within the context of detailed pieces of information, like a policy, asset or service record. The overall client feed displays the full consolidated list of file notes, but adds a handy label showing the context in which the note was entered. This gives you a perfect combination of understanding the contextual detail, but also seeing the big picture easily.

PractiFI’s upgraded Google Drive integration takes exactly the same approach, allowing you to attach documents in contextual detail, but to easily see all the documents (and their context) at the overall client level. Take a look at the demo.

How do we make this happen? With the impressive Cirrus Files plug-in from the Salesforce AppExchange.

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