Equipsuper signs onto PractiFI platform

As reported today in Super Review and FST Media, we’re excited to announce that Equipsuper has chosen PractiFI as its customer engagement platform. With PractiFI, Equip gains a competitive advantage by putting their members and employers at the heart of everything they do.

Our CEO, Glenn Elliott, said “I’m thrilled that Equipsuper has chosen PractiFI as its member and employer engagement platform. It’s a great win for everyone involved and signals a big year ahead in superannuation”.

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Equipsuper implements PractiFI

17th February 2016

Leading wealth industry technology platform provider PractiFI has signed Equip Super as it’s latest client in the superannuation space.

“Equip came to us looking for a platform that would support continual improvements to their customer experience”, says PractiFI founder Adrian Johnstone.

“Customer experience is increasingly becoming the key point of difference in the superannuation industry.”

“We believe this is the first member centric technology platform built for the super industry that integrates with registry systems; financial systems; advice platforms; telephony; and common business tools like email; document storage and marketing systems”, Johnstone said.

“It’s about member engagement, share of wallet, and differentiating member/employer relationships.”

“It’s also about giving our customers and their members and employers control over their funds. For too long that control has been outsourced.”

“Technology systems in the superannuation industry today are designed around products, not members.”

“Today’s systems are siloed and outmoded. They lack the ability to easily integrate or adapt.”

“Being able to provide a single source of truth for client data is the most important capability the super industry is looking for in a technology platform”, Johnstone says.

“PractiFI’s aim is to transform member and employer engagement in the superannuation industry”.

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