A Demo of Dropbox for PractiFI

You may have caught my post last August about our Dropbox and Google Drive integrations for PractiFI, and how we made setting up each of them way easier with the new PractiFI Settings page in our recent Verdelho release. But today let’s show it to you in action.

So here goes. Take a look at what is our frankly beautiful integration of Dropbox into PractiFI. It gives you:

  • All your Dropbox folders and files for each client available right from PractiFI’s Client View page.
  • Easy right-click access to post a file note link to a Dropbox file, which then appears in the client’s feed. And bring that post to a team mate’s attention using our usual “@” mentions.
  • Easy right-click access to email a Dropbox file to anyone straight from Client View.
  • Templated standard subfolders and files that are instantly created for each new client record created in PractiFI.

But there’s even more than what’s covered in the video. Our Dropbox integration works beautifully with the PractiFI for Salesforce1 Mobile app. Picture instant access to those same Dropbox files right from the client record on your mobile.

Dropbox for PractiFI Mobile

And here’s the best bit. All of this comes free with your PractiFI licence. See why I love it so much?