How To: Create a Service


Services are where you’ll track the commercial business you do with your clients (once, of course, you’ve already created a client). For a broader overview of services in PractiFI, check out our deep dive. Here we explain how to create a service for a client. Ready?

How To?

Creating a new service for a client is easy. It starts, unsurprisingly, from the client record in question. Here’s how.

  1. Using the search box in the top nav bar, find the client in question (the Leonards Household in our case) and select it from the records returned.
  2. You’ll find yourself in the Client View for the Leonards Household. Click the thumbs-up icon in the side nav bar to get to the Services tab.

    Client View - Services Tab
    Client View – Services Tab
  3. From the Services tab, click the plus symbol to create a new service. The Add Service popup will appear.

    Client View - Add Service, Empty
    Client View – Add Service, Empty
  4. Complete the details for the new service:
    • Select the service type. The entries in this list will have been preconfigured for the service types offered by your practice. In this case, we’re creating a Comprehensive Advice service, which is part of the Advice service group.
    • Select the stage that the service is at (again, the entries here are preconfigured for your practice). In our case, this service is at the stage of Confirmed, meaning that it’s agreed with the client and ready to kick off.
    • Optionally, enter a short description for the service. This is a good place to enter any specifics for this service. Bear in mind that comprehensive file notes can be captured later, so there’s no need for excess detail here.
    • Select the owner of the service, the team member who is responsible for the successful fulfilment of the service. In a small practice, this is typically the same as the owner of the client. In multi-discipline practices, the service owner may be specific to the division or group in which the service type sits.
    • Select the start and end dates for the service. For transactional work, like this comprehensive advice example, these will denote the relatively short term nature of the service. For retainer services, you’ll typically specify an annual term, or some other fixed period.
    • Select the sale amount to be charged for the service, the applicability of sales tax to the service and the applicable tax rate.
    • Your new service should look a little like this.

      Client View - Add Service, Completed
      Client View – Add Service, Completed
    • If you just want to create this service for now, click Save and you’re all done. If you’re ready to go straight into starting a process for the service, click Save & Start a Process. (Clicking Cancel at any time will abort without creating a service at all.)