How To: Create a Household Client


PractiFI’s Create a Household Client wizard does what it says on the tin: it allows you to easily create new household clients as you meet them in your practice.

But it does much more. It takes the variability out of data entry, so you get  greater control over the quality of information your staff enter. Plus we make sure the wizard thinks like a real person, so it captures the primary contact first, then the household, then any other details (such as the partner’s details and any tasks to be completed).

We put some simple smarts in there, too. We guess that if your primary contact is called Francis Underwood, then you might want to call the household Underwood Household, so we do that for you. And we take a punt and guess that if you enter the details of Francis’s partner Claire, that her last name might be Underwood too. I know, these are little things, and you can override them easily if you need to, but we hope they just simplify the day to day a little.

But we put some heftier smarts in there too. The Create a Household Client wizard uses PractiFI’s process engine. It checks your practice’s predefined setup and allocates follow up tasks to ensure that the new client is handled with care and attention. Task assignee, due date and details can be adjusted in the wizard to handle absent staff, or changed priorities, etc.

How To?

Here’s a quick run-through of how to create a household client using the Create a Household Client wizard.

  1. From the Practice View, go to the Launcher menu in the top nav bar and select Create a Household Client.

    Practice View - Create a Household Client From Launcher
    Practice View – Create a Household Client From Launcher
  2. You’ll arrive at step 1 of the Create a Household Client wizard.
    Create Household Client - Step 1
    Create Household Client – Step 1

    Enter the name and basic contact information of your primary contact person for the household. Click Next. (NB: if you need to abort the wizard at any point, just click Cancel & Finish. This will end the wizard without creating anything and navigate you back to the Practice View.)

  3. You’ll arrive at step 2, where you’ll enter the details of the household who’ll become your client.
    Create Household Client - Step 2
    Create Household Client – Step 2
    • Enter the client name.PractiFI creates a household name for you, but you may choose to edit it according to your practice’s naming convention.
    • Set a team member as the owner of the client relationship.
    • Choose the stage at which the client is at in your client lifecycle (typically a prospecting stage early on).
    • Select the client segment.
    • Select the source of this client record, e.g. a referral, a website enquiry or an event attendance.
    • Enter the physical location address of the household. If they also have a separate postal address, expand the postal address section and add details there.
    • Click Next.
  4. You’ll arrive at step 3, where you’ll enter the details of the primary contact’s partner (if you have them) and set any follow up tasks.
    Create Household Client - Step 3
    Create Household Client – Step 3
    • Click the plus symbol to add a row for the partner contact person and complete the fields.
    • If your practice has configured predefined tasks to be completed for every new household created, those tasks will appear in the follow up tasks table. You can also add additional tasks using the plus symbol.
    • All done? If you need to adjust anything, you can click Prev to return to previous steps in the wizard (don’t worry, you won’t lose any information). Otherwise, click Save & Finish to wrap things up. PractiFI will create your new client household, create the primary and partner contact person records for the household, plus it’ll create the follow up tasks you specified and assign the to the appropriate team members.
  5. You’ll arrive at your newly created household record, ready for you to add further information when you’re ready.

    Client View - New Household Client
    Client View – New Household Client

Great work! You’ve just created a new household client. Simple, eh?