How To: Configure Your PractiFI Reference Data

PractiFI’s pretty awesome right out of the box, right?

We agree.

But even the PractiFI wizards don’t have the power to build a solution that fits everyone’s business straight off the shelf. That’s why we’ve made it really easy to configure your reference data in PractiFI.

But Matt, I don’t know what reference data is!

My bad. Let me take a moment to introduce you to the amazing-ness that is PractiFI reference data.

Reference data is used to drive a whole host of functionality in PractiFI.

See that Client Stage picklist? Reference data.
How about that Relationship Type field? Reference data.
And that list of Service Types? You guessed it. Reference data.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.23.58 am

But wait. There’s more!

Here’s the full list of reference data categories you can configure all on your own [as of PractiFI v4.0]:

  • Acceleration Option
  • Benefit Indexation Rate
  • Benefit Payment Frequency
  • Benefit Period
  • Benefit Stage
  • Benefit Type
  • Cashflow Category
  • Cashflow Type
  • Claim Indexation Rate
  • Claim Wait Period
  • Client Entity Type
  • Client Process Stage
  • Client Segment
  • Client Source
  • Client Stage
  • Covered Occupation
  • Future Insurability
  • Identification Type
  • Income Protection Type
  • Instalment Stage
  • Instalment Type
  • Interaction Call Disposition
  • Interaction Direction
  • Interaction Method
  • Interaction Mood
  • Interaction Type
  • Interest Type
  • Life Buy Back
  • Life Cover Type
  • Loan Period Units
  • Medical Cover – Ambulance
  • Medical Cover – Dental
  • Medical Cover – Extras
  • Medical Cover – Hospital
  • Medical Cover – Specialist
  • Medicare Levy
  • Occupation Class
  • Payment Term
  • Person Health
  • Policy Stage
  • Portfolio Holding Category
  • Portfolio Holding Stage
  • Portfolio Holding Type
  • Premium Structure
  • Provider Segment
  • Provider Type
  • Recommendation Stage
  • Relationship Type
  • Repayment Type
  • Risk Scope
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Role Type
  • Scope Area
  • Service Interval
  • Trauma Buy Back

Great! Got it. But how do I configure it?

Good question. I’m glad you asked.

Here’s what you need to know in three easy steps.

  1. In PractiFI, send your mouse on up to the settings menu and click through to PractiFI Settings.Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 12.15.17 pm
  2. Filter the table to the reference data category you want to configure:Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 12.18.19 pm
  3. Add or edit a record with the reference data you need. To edit an existing record, just click the little pencil icon next to the record and away you go. To add a new record, click the plus icon at the top-left corner of the table, and add to your hearts content.In the View/Edit pop-up, there’s only three things we need you to complete:
    1. Give it a NAME. I think you’ve got this one covered.
    2. Give it a CODE. It doesn’t really matter what this is, as long as it’s unique. Feel free to get creative.
    3. Give it an ORDER. This tells PractiFI in which position you want this entry to be displayed in its picklist. And we could all use a little extra order in our lives.

    Everything else you can feel free to ignore. These are all slightly more advanced configurations which we’ll cover off in a future tutorial.

Top Tips

  • Where possible, rather than editing the existing data, we recommend deactivating any existing reference data records you don’t need and creating new ones instead. We just don’t want you to get rid of something you might want back later. You know what they say: you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.
  • Some categories in PractiFI are locked. That’s because we need them the way they are to power built-in business rules. (You don’t want to be the guy that breaks stuff, do you?) You can go right ahead and edit the name of these categories, but that’s all we’ll let you do.

And that’s all, folks. Now that you know how to configure reference data, you can have PractiFI your way. Simple, eh?