Concept Dive: Client Feed

As you may have seen in our key concepts slide deck, the Client Feed allows your team members to collaborate, upload files and share notes about your clients. Inspired by the latest social media concepts such as Facebook’s wall and Twitter’s feed, PractiFI’s Client Feed allows your team members to collaborate in real time. Properly utilizing the Client Feed and associated Feed tabs allow your practice to enhance customer experience and maximize productivity.

What is the Client Feed?

The Client Feed is a location to add or view all collaboration taking place for a particular client. This collaboration can include notes, text, uploaded documents and files. Each post is separated by topic, and replies to each post are grouped together so conversations can flow between your team members. The posts are listed in chronological order, starting with the most recent at the top and oldest at the bottom. Below the last post is a “Show More” button to load older posts.

What are tags?

Just like modern social media websites, Client Feeds include the ability to use tags for notifying team members of pertinent information. To tag a team member, select the body of a post or reply, type the @ symbol, followed by the first few letters of the team member’s name. When the team member’s name appears, click it and the tag will be created. When you share your post or reply, the team member will be notified of their tag by email.

What benefits do we gain from using Client Feeds?

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What’s a simple example of Client Feed use?

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Where else can I find the Client Feed?

In addition to the Client Feed tab on the Client View, the Feed tab can also be found within these other areas:

  • View/Edit Service
  • View/Edit Process
  • View/Edit Task

Any feed updates made in these areas will also be displayed on the client view, along with a title showing where the feed update originated. For example, an update made on the Feed tab within “View/Edit Task” will also propagate to the Client Feed tab on the client record.

What is a tracked change?

You may notice the client feed occasionally has an entry beginning with #TRACKEDCHANGE. These are fields which are set to leave an update in client feed when manipulated. Your system administrator can set which fields will deliver an update in the Client Feed. For example, if your organization wants to keep record of when the client’s last name changes, Client Feeds will automatically record what the last name was changed from, what it was changed to, who made the edit and the time of the change.

What tools are available for document management with the Client Feed?

The Client Feed integrates directly with Salesforce’s native file management system, as well as popular cloud storage solutions such as Google Drive and Dropbox.