Concept Dive: Chatter for PractiFI

Chatter is pretty awesome, and we think everyone in your business is going to think the same. The aim is to get everyone using it. Yes, everyone!

When it comes to features, the PractiFI philosophy is to make use of the best of breed wherever possible. So we created the PractiFI Feed using the Chatter Collaboration Platform.

In fact, there’s a whole bunch of fantastic things Chatter can do that you and your team will want to know all about. So let’s throw on a wet-suit and some flippers and dive a little deeper. The water is warm.


The Chatter App


Email Notifications

It’s important to stay on top of the activity. When everyone has something to say, it can get noisy. Chatter Email Notifications make it a breeze to ensure that you know about everything that matters to you, and can come back to the other stuff later.

Email Notifications come in the several delicious flavours, with a variety of toppings!

  1. Get notified when someone does something:
    Be selective about your personal email settings. They should help you stay on top of important discussions without becoming overwhelmed.
    Want to know whenever somebody likes a comment you made, or stop receiving an alert every time someone shares one of your posts? This is the place to do it.At PractiFI, we like to feel important, so we typically have these set to notify us whenever someone mentions us in a post or comment. So we always know when someone is thinking of us.
  2. Set your Personal Digest preferences
    Your Personal digest is an email letting you know the 50 most recent of all posts (that you have visibility of) from the previous digest period, and the three most recent comments for each post. This digest can be set to deliver daily, weekly or not at all.The best way to set these really comes down to personal preference, but most of the Wizards at PractiFI HQ get these delivered on a daily basis.
  3. Set your Group Digest preferences
    Just like Personal Digests, these give you the 50 most recent posts for each group, and the three most recent comments for each post. You can also set these to deliver daily, weekly or not at all. This preference can be set separately for each Group you’re a part of (see below for more details about Chatter Groups.)

Starting to get the hang of it?

All the official details on how to configure you Chatter Email Notifications can be found here.


You might already be using the feed to store and share files and documents. If you’re not, don’t panic – we’ll just assume your’s using one of our other amazing document storage partners.

Sharing your files in Chatter helps you keep the document in context. So a document relative to a Client will be








Now, if you still have both your socks on, prepare to have them blown off.


All of this amazing functionality is available for you to use on your smart phone or tablet via PractiFI Mobile.
Yep, all of it!

The bottom line


As always, reach out to our team of wizards through all of the usual channels if you have any questions.