Scales with PractiFI Integration

The Company an innovative, award-winning financial advice business with a digital focus in the Australian personal wealth management market.

The Problem

The website is a critical source of new client enquiries for the business. However, paper based records and manual processes made client onboarding inefficient. Communication back to prospects was too slow and the business needed to be more responsive.

Owner James Gerrard knew that in order to maximise the potential of every enquiry, he had to streamline the end-to-end journey from prospect to implemented client.

It was critical to James that efficiency gains must not compromise the client experience. His vision was to provide clients a simpler, more personal experience whilst transforming his team’s internal processes.

Enter PractiFI.

The Solution rolled out PractiFI in early 2015, which provided them a single view of their clients out of the box. They extended this further by adding in PractiFI’s Web Enquiry module, which plugged directly into the website with little configuration. This module incorporates an online form and tracks enquiries directly into PractiFI, automatically responding to the prospect to arrange the first meeting and kicking of the internal workflow to handle the enquiry.

PractiFI Analytics reports on new prospect enquiries in real-time at every step in the customer’s journey.

James’s team also plugged in integrated telephony with Natterbox and PractiFI, with Natterbox managing telephony for the practice. Natterbox takes the inbound call number and quickly searches PractiFI for a matching client record. The call is routed based on the client’s personal attributes and the team member with whom they’ve been dealing. also uses Natterbox to set up conference calls between clients and related third parties.\

The Result

The team now has real-time, end-to-end visibility of the customer’s journey from their initial equiry right through their full life cycle as a client.

PractiFI’s Web Enquiry module has reduced time and effort in collecting prospect details. The time to onboard new clients has been reduced, with prospects booking their meetings online and receiving instant email confirmation.

Natterbox’s call routing has increased efficiency in day-to-day client management. Staff enter information directly into PractiFI whilst on client calls, saving time and improving team collaboration. Calls can also be recorded and stored as required.

With real time analytics at every stage in the client journey, better services its clients. Staff have a clearer picture at every interaction point, allowing them to provide a higher level of personal service.

As James’s business continues to grow, PractiFI will enable it to scale sustainably and reap the benefits of a constantly evolving industry application.

Integrated Telephony for Stronger Customer Relationships

The Company

A major multinational wealth institution with a large superannuation administration and advice business in Australia.

The Problem

The company was already a very successful superannuation administration and advice business, managing 1.4m fund members and advised clients. However, the senior management team knew that to grow the business and stay ahead of the competition, they could do so much more to improve the customer experience, streamline their operations, collaborate more closely and sell more effectively.

Critically, the company lacked a single view of the customer and access to real-time analytics to drive decisions. Too much information was siloed in registry systems, advice tools, marketing databases and phone call logs.

Salesforce was an obvious choice as a company-wide operational platform. But the dilemma then was how to deploy Salesforce in a way that would deliver rapid time to value. Enter PractiFI.

The Solution

PractiFI reshapes the Salesforce platform for running wealth businesses, so it brought a core structure and an array of features ready-made for the company out-of-the-box.

From there, the PractiFI team added configuration and connectivity to deliver a core customer management platform with integrated telephony. The platform presents a beautiful single customer view and tracks every customer interaction, handling inbound calls. PractiFI workflows streamline routine operations across customer service, advice and operations, delivering great efficiency gains. This helps break down silos across the business, increases cross-division referrals and allows for real-time collaboration like never before.

PractiFI makes sales pipeline management easier and more consistent, with real-time analytics to track sales performance.

The Result

In choosing PractiFI, the company implemented a truly scalable platform in rapid time, turning concept into delivered value in just six months.

PractiFI’s pipeline management and analytics improves decision making and allows sales and management teams to monitor performance and growth, with a 360-degree view that spans previously isolated divisions.

The availability of higher quality customer data in one single view makes for richer relationships and more satisfied customers, as service teams now have all of the relevant client information and context at their fingertips.

The company now aims to scale PractiFI into new business units and out to its superannuation fund clients.

  • Single customer view of fund members & advised clients
  • Integrated, scalable cloud telephony
  • Time to value of just six months
  • Next phase rolls out PractiFI to superannuation fund clients