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PractiFI Alsace Release

It’s time for another wine! PractiFI Alsace fills your glass with a crisp set of new features and enhancements. As always, feel free to get in touch if you would like more details on anything contained in this release.

PractiFI Alsace Release

  • Riva Integration:  The Riva integration has been extended so you can now synchronise your calendar appointments with PractiFI. Calendar meetings with clients will be viewable under the Interactions tab. Note: You must have a Riva license to use this integration.
  • SMS Magic Integration:  Send an ad hoc SMS directly from a client record. Messages are sent from and recorded in Interactions. Note: You must have an SMS Magic subscription to use this integration. Contact us for up to date pricing for PractiFI clients. 
  • Service and Client selector for Bulk Transactions: Easily build a list of Clients/Services when creating bulk tasks, bulk interactions and bulk processes. In a superannuation context, a filter in the Client table allows application to Employers and Providers as well.
  • New Client Entity View: Client entities such as a company, trust or SMSF within a Household now have their own Client Entity View, enabling you to create relationships between them (e.g. a corporate trustee of an SMSF). They are also now included in the Global Search function making it easier to find them. Client Entities are represented by a Hollow Heart icon making it easy to distinguish from Client records. A new field for SMSFs allows a record of whether it has a corporate trustee or personal trustees.
  • Cashflow in BatchView: Cashflows have been added as a tile in Batch, with a click-through to an Income & Expenses table to allow easy tracking of Income and Expense records added or amended via a batch.
  • Multi-Division enhancements: Added telephone and address to Division Info tab and made it easier to manage parent/child division relationships in PractiFI rather than Salesforce.
  • Total Annual Premium formula change: Amended the formula for the calculation of Total Annual Premiums for insurance policies (based on client feedback). The policy fee will now use the same frequency as the premium frequency, instead of being treated as a one-off fee. Note: You should review any records that may be affected.
  • Description for Cashflows: Added a Description field to Income and Expense records.
  • Person list in PracticeView: Added a Person Stage column and filter to PracticeView. They can now be amended/deleted using the Mass Update function. Hyperlinks have also been removed from Mobile, Phone and Email and Social fields.
  • Display of History tab: You can now control whether the History tab displays on various views via a Salesforce setting. Affected areas are Interactions, Processes & Tasks, Portfolio Holdings, Insurance, Cashflows, ClientView, ServiceView, ProviderView and PersonView.
  • Interactions can be linked: In a superannuation context, Member Interactions can be linked to an Employer interaction. A common scenario would be attendance by a member to a seminar held in relation to an employer.
  • Team PractiFI link: Clicking on Team PractiFI from the Admin menu will now take you directly to the PractiFI Success Portal (previously, it composed an email).
  • Resolved an issue with conditional rendering of the Instalment tab so it will display if there are instalments records, even if they are not enabled in Service Type settings, i.e. instalments have been added by a data feed.
  • Amended the Overdue Task filter to exclude tasks due today.
  • Fixed issues where hyperlinks between pages were not working.
  • Fixed an error that was occurring when saving primary contact on client people.
  • Fixed minor UI issues.
  • Fixed an issue with the Client Segment filter in ClientView.
  • Fixed some Audit Setting issues where they were not flowing through to Salesforce Track History as expected.
  • Amended the Person picklist in Portfolio Holdings to only list people that are part of the Household client. In a superannuation context, the Person picklist for Seminar Interactions related to Employers was also updated.
  • Fixed issues around Primary Division on User which were causing errors.
  • Fixed an issue where the Priority of a Process Step was not mapping to the related task.
  • Fixed display issues with dates in the Insurance tab.

PractiFI Cabernet Release

We have good news! PractiFI Cabernet has been deployed and as usual, brings with it a host of new features and enhancements. As always, feel free to get in touch if you would like more information.

PractiFI Cabernet Release

  • Riva Integration: Maintain an up to date view of email communication with your clients.  You can now synchronise your emails with PractiFI. Incoming and outgoing emails with clients will be viewable under the Interactions tab. Note: You must have a Riva license to use this integration.
  • Workflow Task Automation: A new automation engine that can trigger different types of actions on completion of a task. Actions are a new function that can be defined on Process Steps / Tasks when the Task is completed, and optionally, where the Task is completed with a given Outcome. Types of Actions available:
    • Kick off a Task (based on a Process Step template)
    • Launch a Process (based a Process Type template)
    • Update the stage of the Task’s parent Process
    • Update the stage of the Task’s parent Service
    • Update the stage of the Task’s parent Client.
  • Extension of Superannuation features: Primarily aimed at the Superannuation Administration industry, PractiFI has been extended to cater for a range of new entities, organisation types and relationships.
    • New Organisation Type for Employers
    • New Service Types for Sub-Funds and Member Accounts
    • New Person Types for Members
    • Stage and Segment available for Person entities
    • Member Account search from the Launcher menu
    • Employer search from the Launcher menu
    • Conditional rendering of various pages dependent on Superannuation being enabled.
  • Benefit level premiums: New functionality to record premiums at benefit level for bundled insurance (different insurance types bundled under a single policy). i.e. bundled Life, Trauma and TPD insurance can have separate premium amounts recorded, which will add to the annual Policy Fee, and sum to the overall policy premium.
  • At a Glance is the default landing page: Upon login users are now directed to the At a Glance page by default.
  • New Relationship validation rule: When adding or modifying a Relationship, the From and To fields are now mandatory.
  • Extended Bulk Create Tasks functionality: Bulk Tasks now have more attributes that can be associated with a Task Group; be based on a pre-defined Task Template; and/or  Task Outcomes.
  • Completed Tasks change: The Completed Tasks tile on At a Glance now queries Group Code rather than Code on stage which provides more flexibility.
  • Mass update available for processes: Previously the only mass update function for processes was to flag rows for deletion. You can now also update Process Type, Stage, Due Date and / or Owner for multiple processes in one go using the Mass Update function.
  • Enable Suppress At Launch setting: “Suppress at Launch” was previously a hidden Process Step setting to hide a particular Process Step on launch of a Process.
  • Display group with outcomes: The name of the outcome category group has been appended in Task Templates & Process steps.
  • OmniLife version update: Integration with Insurance quoting tool – OmniLife updated to latest available version.
  • Age filter picklist method amended: In the people tab, the Age filter has been changed from a picklist to allow entry of any age.
  • Custom tab for Interaction page: Added the ability to include a Custom tab on the Interaction page to allow for Custom fields.
  • Display Owner of Instalments: Added Owner field to Add Instalment and Edit Instalment to enable revenue instalments to be assigned to a specific Owner.
  • Reviewed and adjusted number of table rows displayed: For the majority of tables, the number of rows shown by default have been increased.
  • New Mailing Address field on the Account Object: A new field has been added to the Address object to coalesce existing address fields – uses the postal address, unless blank in which case it will use location address. The new field does not appear on screen however can be used for mailing/Conga etc.
  • Prevent Editing of PractiFI core Skuid pages: New security measure to prevent key PractiFI pages from being accidentally overwritten by edits. Pages should first be cloned if you want to make your own changes.
  • Denormalise Primary Division onto User: Team Members (i.e. users) can be members of multiple Divisions (e.g. practices), with one of those relationships denoted as primary. Denormalising the related division onto the user object enables additional functionality for analytics and other model conditions.
  • Chatter is now selective: Chatter now detects if the feed is enabled on an object and prevents posting if not. Feed is still displayed as read only, and comments can be made.
  • Additional Skuid page details: The Skuid pages for additional pages were added to PractiFI Settings.
  • Resolved an issue where resetting a Task due date to the future would still show as overdue.
  • Amended the default sort order for the At a Glance Client Birthday tile/People list table to earliest day/month first.
  • Amended Income and Expenses so they now net off correctly.
  • Fixed an error with Process Step due dates so the number of days correctly takes into account weekdays only.
  • Fixed minor validation/warning messaging
  • Fixed an issue where only a single Person could be added to a Provider.
  • Fixed an issue where the Client People relationships to other parties were not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed minor UI issues.
  • Fixed an error in Group View where the number of members displayed was not correct if a queue had more than 20 members.
  • Fixed an issue in the Service popup where changing the default service name would revert to the default on save.
  • Fixed minor table filtering issues
  • Fixed an error on creation of a Household Client where Team Member was not mandatory.
  • Fixed an error on creation of a new business client where cancelling, then continuing would cause the Next button to disable.
  • Fixed an issue where the Task list in Service View was not showing related interactions.
  • Fixed an issue with a Group Insurance policy calculation that was referring to a deprecated field.

PractiFI Pinot Noir Release

It’s time for another product release! PractiFI Pinot Noir is here and our focus has been on extending our range of integrations with best of breed providers such as Box, DocuSign and Campaign Monitor as well as a number of new enhancements and tweaks. If you’d like any further information just get in touch.

PractiFI Pinot Noir Release

  • Box Integration: Enterprise grade document storage within PractiFI. Synchronise your Box files and folders and view them within the PractiFI Client Feed. Note: You must have a Box subscription to use this integration.
  • DocuSign Integration: Send documents for signature within PractiFI, track envelope and recipient status. View DocuSign Status in Client Interactions and stay abreast of status changes in the Client Feed. Note: You must have an active DocuSign account to use this integration.
  • Provisio Integration: Launch Provisio from within PractiFI and run strategy scenarios. Key fields such as date of birth, salary, super balance and gender will automatically flow through into Provisio to avoid rekeying of data. Note: You must have an active Provisio licence to use this integration.
  • Praemium Integration: Access your clients’ Praemium V-Wrap portfolios directly from the PractiFI Assets tab.
  • Campaign Monitor Integration: Create and send email marketing campaigns from PractiFI and view the status of these campaigns under Client Interactions. Note: You must have a Campaign Monitor subscription to use this integration.
  • Processes cannot be completed if there are uncompleted Tasks: All underlying Tasks must now be completed before a Process can be completed.
  • Launch Process Wizard: If you start a Process that is related to a Service, on save you will be returned to the Service View.  If the Process is not related to a Service (i.e. only related to a Client), you will be returned to the Client View on save. If you cancel the Process part way through, you will be returned to page you started from. Previously, you were returned to Practice View.
  • Quick Process Launch: You can now quickly launch a process from wherever you see a Processes tab.
  • Notification of Task Assignment: PractiFI users can now opt to receive an email alert when they are assigned a Task. The email alert can also be customised using a template. This setting is available from the PractiFI Settings page. 
  • Export Table Data: Updated to ensure the exported fields better match the filtered table results. When table data is exported to CSV all rows will be exported (you no longer need to click ‘Load More’).  
  • Relationship and Service Start / End dates: Added validation to ensure the start date cannot be before the end date.
  • Multi-Practice Enhancements:
    • Each team member can now have only one Primary Practice
    • In Team Member View you can see all the practices the team member belongs to as well as their Primary Practice
    • In Practice View you can use the Team Member hyperlink to navigate to Team Member View.
  • Productivity Features: Estimated Effort, Actual Effort and Variance can now be enabled using the Productivity Features setting in the PractiFI Settings page.
  • Improved support for integrated email tools: Default interaction methods can now be configured where these aren’t created by the tool. Email attachments from integrated email tools such as Cirrus, Ebsta, Outlook and Salesforce1 are also now integrated and available in the Interactions tab.
  • Enhancements to Analytics: Analytics now support drill-throughs to more detailed analysis, and taps into our action framework to allow for on-click redirects, popups and other actions. Screens and navigation are now more consistent with each other and we’ve improved the visibility of some text.
  • Column sorting: This functionality has been extended to most fields.
  • Default Client People sort order: Primary contact and partner are now shown first with other relationships below.
  • Minor Enhancements: Start a Process wizard has been tweaked for ease of use.
  • Minor performance tweaks: Improvements to page caching, page loading and loading messages to improve page loading performance.
  • Settings page enhancements: Settings are now populated with default values when adding new config settings for a user/profile.
  • Number of rows in tables: Reviewed and in most cases increased.
  • Picklist lengths: Increased the maximum from 30 to 200 to cater for longer Picklists.
  • Fixed various Multi Practice errors:
    • Contacts from another practice displaying in tiles
    • Tile stats were not calculating correctly for the active practice
    • Team members could be added multiple times to the same practice
    • In Practice View / People, all people were displaying regardless of selected practice.
  • Fixed an issue where address was not showing in Client Basics if it could not be found via Google Maps.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing users from directly returning to ‘At a Glance’ from Batch View.
  • Fixed issue where the Omnilife window was not resizing correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where Service View displayed incorrect set of records.
  • Fixed an error that was occurring when creating bulk tasks.
  • Fixed a Skuid page error that was presenting on PersonView.
  • Fixed an error when adding Person to Person relationship.
  • Fixed an issue where assets created under a Service were not displaying in the Client’s Asset/ Liability View.
  • Fixed an issue where the owner was not displaying in Practice View for Assets/Liabilities created under a Service.
  • Family Home now displays in the Category filter list.
  • Fixed an issue where the list of stages on the bulk client update page was not filtered correctly.
  • Fixed an error that was appearing when adding Related person to an asset or liability.
  • Fixed an error that was occurring when adding policy owner.
  • Fixed various Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) issues.
  • Fixed an issue where Income and Expenses for a Client person displayed in the person list was incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug where description in Recommendation was not able to be edited.
  • Fixed an issue where a Client person record could be created multiple times as no error message appeared.
  • Added the Calendar to the start date field on mass relationship update.
  • Hyperlinks on Task Related Records now work on the text and the icon component.

PractiFI Malbec Release

Good news! PractiFI Malbec is out and includes a host of new features and enhancements. If you’d like any more information (we know there’s a lot there) feel free to get in touch.

PractiFI Malbec Release

  • Omnilife integration for life insurance quotes and research: Now generally available. Omnilife customers can run insurance quotes from the Launcher menu and compare quotes and policies. For more information about Omnilife, talk to the great team at Omnium.
  • Configurable landing page:  You can now set your default view to your own Team Member View, presenting your personal page every time you open PractiFI.
  • Top nav bar icon change for Practice View: With the introduction of configurable landing pages, we’ve now changed the Practice View icon from a house to a building.
  • Top nav bar icon for My View: You can now get to your own Team Member View quickly and easily by selecting the new My View icon in the top nav bar.
  • At a Glance for Team Member and Group Views: Team Member View and Group View now feature At a Glance snapshot tiles. The At a Glance tab, previously only found in Practice View, is now available in Team Member View and Group View. At a Glance’s snapshot tiles can be configured to show the real-time metrics that you rely on to run your business.
  • Feed for Team Member View: The Chatter Feed which was previously only available for a given client in Client View is now available in Team Member View.
  • Customisable subtab enhancements: Customisable subtabs now appear in read mode and in the editable popup, so your custom fields, tables and other content are always easy to find. Plus you can adjust the label for your customisable subtab.
  • Swappable page includes expanded to all major pages for greater configurability: The contents of most tabs in most PractiFI pages are now separate page “includes”. This means that you can make page layout adjustments in very targeted areas (say new fields in tables, new filters or additional subtabs), whilst staying on the standard (and evolving) PractiFI layout for the rest of the page. Want to revert to our standard tab again? Use page assignments to swap it back in.
  • Organise your team into hierarchical divisions: In addition to PractiFI’s Group View, you can now configure PractiFI’s Practice View to match your business’s hierarchical structure. Whether your business is made up of branch offices, functional divisions or even subsidiary companies, all of your clients and team members as well as detailed information (services, tasks, interactions etc) are rolled up and presented by division.
  • Remove standard tabs via config settings: Any of PractiFI’s standard tabs that don’t apply to your business can now be disabled through PractiFI Settings.
  • Enhanced export to Excel for tables: The export to Excel feature on all of PractiFI’s tables has been enhanced to include just the right fields with better formatting applied.
  • Configurable menu items: PractiFI’s Launcher and Settings menus are now completely configurable. Standard PractiFI menu items that don’t apply to your business can be easily disabled and custom menu items can be configured as required.
  • Management of renewal notices and statements (for opt-in and FDS obligations): Flag specific service types as eligible for renewal notices (for opt-in) and for regular statements (for FDS obligations). Specify renewal and statement interval and notice periods, as well as deemed response periods. PractiFI then uses this information to calculate renewal and statement due dates for reporting or as the basis for process automation.
  • Interactions generally available: PractiFI’s Interactions are stored directly in the client record and you can even capture a mood indicator to ensure that clients are staying happy.
  • Telephony integrated into PractiFI sidebar: It’s now easy to plug cloud telephony into PractiFI with our new softphone sidebar which supports the Open CTI standard.
  • Search enhancements: Our global search now searches all text fields on the record, not just the name. For example, you can find clients based on their formal name, description or city. Or you can find people based on their phone number or email address.
  • Process, task and service stage durations: Specify estimated durations for specific process types, task types and service stage. Use these estimated durations to compare actual durations in your business reporting to check performance versus targets.
  • Stage history (for Services): You can now report on service stage history, which allows you track how long each type of service remains in a given stage in its lifecycle.
  • Bulk launch processes: From the Launcher menu, you can now launch a process for a set of clients or services all at once.
  • Bulk create tasks: From the Launcher menu, you can now launch one or more tasks for a set of clients or services all at once.
  • Bulk create interactions: From the Launcher menu, you can now log one or more interactions for a set of clients or services all at once.
  • New Task Type field: Tasks are now categorised by a simple Task Type field regardless of whether they are part of a process or not.
  • Task Templates: Task Templates allow you to preset information such as subject, description, due date and assignee for common tasks. The behaviour is identical to predefining process steps but is used for isolated tasks.
  • New Task Outcome field: Tasks whether part of a process or isolated, can now be predefined with a set of possible outcomes. The assigned user chooses from the set of possible outcomes at the time of completing the task.
  • Suppress steps at launch: Process steps can now be suppressed at the time of a process launch and configured to launch only on the basis of automated business rules.
  • New Service View page: Each service performed for a client now has its own detail page and services can be found directly from the global search in the top navigation bar.
  • Client and Service Scope Areas: Use client scope areas to capture upfront the broad areas of interest of the client, which may span a range of your available services (retirement, advice, insurance, investment etc). These scope areas can then be tracked through to the services you perform for the client.
  • New Create Business Client wizard: The new Create a Business Client now makes creating a business client as easy as creating a household client. The simple three step wizard captures the details of your primary contact person, the company, other relevant staff and any follow up tasks.
  • Easier tracking of referrals when creating a client: The Create a Household and Create a Business Client wizards now allow for easier tracking of referrals. You can assign a referral to an existing person or team member or create a new referrer person from within the wizard.  
  • Hierarchical config settings: PractiFI settings can now be applied across the entire organisation or to specific user profiles, or even to specific team members.
  • Service estimates, actuals & instalments: Estimate and actual revenue can now both be tracked for services performed for clients. Estimates and actuals can be specified simply on the service or can be forecast and tracked over time in revenue instalment records.
  • AMP commission file uploader (beta): Advice practices in the AMP network can now upload commission files to create revenue instalments which are allocated to policy and asset records based on their contract number.
  • Batch data management: Data imports and bulk creation of records are now tracked in batches. Batches act not just as an audit trail, but allow for easy identification and removal of records created in error.
  • Analytics enhancements: Analytics now comes with new standard dashboards tracking process and task productivity and history of customer interactions. Analytics pages now have enhanced configurability making it even easier to configure your own real-time reports and dashboards.
  • Evernote integration: Subscribers to Evernote for Business can now access Evernote directly from the PractiFI Client View. Notes can be added and edited within the context of a client record with all changes synced directly to Evernote across all of your devices.
  • LinkedIn photos: For any given person, specify the LinkedIn photo URL (found by visiting their LinkedIn profile, right clicking their profile photo and copying the image address) and their photo will automatically appear in their PractiFI record.
  • General UX enhancements: Enhancements to the PractiFI user experience that smooth the transition between pages and pin the top navigation bar.




Malbec Feature: Analytics

Our CEO Glenn Elliott is coming to you from the Napa Valley in California, brimming with excitement about Malbec’s imminent release.

Glenn is going to walk us through some of the exciting new features that come with the release, with a focus here on the awesome power of our analytics capabilities.

For more info, get in touch via Twitter at @glennelliott72 or @practifi.

PractiFI Grenache Release

It’s been just three short months since our Verdelho release. In that time, the stream of great suggestions we receive from our clients has continued at even greater pace. So we’ve been working flat out nailing as many of them as we can.

Let me introduce you to PractiFI Grenache release. Plump, juicy and jammed full of feature-rich goodness.

So, to paraphrase one of our favourite wine vendors: Boom! The release is yours.

PractiFI Grenache Release

  • Customisable Subtabs: We love crowd-sourcing features to bake into PractiFI, but not every requested change suits everyone, so PractiFI now offers customisable subtabs. Customisable subtabs allow you to capture rich, custom information within the familiar PractiFI user interface in a whole raft of areas, namely Clients, People, Team Members, Providers, Services, Processes, Tasks, Assets & Liabilities, Income & Expenses and Policies. But we’re not talking just simple fields; custom tables, popups and menu items are all possible. Best of all, you can use customisable subtabs with peace of mind, knowing that you’ll stay firmly on the standard PractiFI upgrade path, and that any custom fields are available for reporting and export.
  • Web Enquiry module: Need an enquiry form on your website to feed PractiFI with new prospects? Many of you have asked us how to do this easily, so we created a new PractiFI Web Enquiry module. Your webmaster just needs to embed the enquiry form into your website (it’s very pretty by default, but you can style it further with CSS if you like) and you can start capturing website enquiries as new prospects straight away. With a little extra configuration, you can generate feed posts or email notifications for each enquiry, or trigger workflows. The Web Enquiry module is priced separately to your PractiFI user licences, so just get in touch with us for details.
  • Field History: As an adjunct to PractiFI’s #TRACKEDCHANGE generation for Chatter, you can now track detailed change information for all the key records you have in PractiFI.
  • New Task Defaults: New open tasks now default with a due date that’s configurable in PractiFI Settings. New tasks in the completed task list now default their status to complete, and tasks created anywhere in the client view now default to the current client.
  • Related Search: Various usability improvements to the Related search boxes. New visual cues where no matching records exist, and policies are searchable by policy number and insurance provider (policy numbers previously were searchable by our internal policy numbers. e.g. IP0004343). (Thanks to Ben & Claire for pointing out this one.)
  • Log Calls as Interactions (beta): Log inbound and outbound calls directly from the Client View as interactions. Interactions are stored directly in the client record, and you can even capture a mood indicator to ensure that clients are staying happy. We have big plans for interactions, so stay tuned for more info.
  • PractiFI for Salesforce1 Mobile: Our first release of PractiFI configured specifically for Salesforce1 Mobile. Now you can manage clients, services, tasks and more straight from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Merge Clients and People: Duplication happens. Salesforce has powerful record merging features, however this previously required leaving PractiFI and poking around in the Salesforce back-end. We wanted it to be easier, so we’ve brought merge clients and merge people into PractiFI.
  • Policy Termination Date: You can now track the termination date on policies, by popular demand.
  • Email Not Mandatory: Where email was previously a mandatory field when creating a new client, we’ve made it optional. (Thanks Gaylene.)
  • Enhancements to Assets & Liabilities: Link debt to assets, capture legal ownership, track recommendations over time and populate data fields that relate to specific asset and liability classes. (Thanks Rob, Ed, and Claire for the input.)
  • Mass Delete Matched Emails: If Match-My-Email imports emails you don’t want to keep, now they can be deleted en masse.
  • Person and Provider View Relationships: The relationships tab in Person View and Provider View is now richer and consistent with Client View.
  • Fixed a bug in Feed that was prevented correct rendering of hyperlinks.
  • Fixed a bug in Person Relationships popup where relationship types were occasionally not displaying values.
  • Fixed a bug in the Match-My-Email popup that prevented the next page of emails from loading.
  • Header was missing from the Team Member View Basics view/edit popup. It’s there now.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the primary contact profile photo from rendering on some occasions.
  • Fixed a bug on the Service view/edit popup where adding a task would not set correct related to value.
  • Fixed a bug on the Task view/edit popup that was preventing calculation of estimated vs actual variance in effort.

PractiFI Verdelho

They say there’s no rest for the wicked. And that’s fair enough. I like to see those wicked folks working overtime.

But what about the rest of us? At PractiFI, we’ve been working our tails off creating awesome new features ready for our PractiFI Verdelho release. We’re due at least a small rest, perhaps a powernap if we’re lucky, but there just hasn’t been time. Does that make us wicked? You be the judge.

All I know for sure is that PractiFI Verdelho is packed full of features, tons of which are direct requests from our wonderful clients. Check out the details.

PractiFI Verdelho Release 1

    • PractiFI Analytics (Beta): I’ll fill you in on this in a separate blog post, but let me assure you it’s a game changer; the cojones de perro, if you will. Analytics brings amazing new real-time reporting. Picture an array of stunning chart types, driven by filterable tables, with everything updating magically in real-time. Best of all, it’s hugely configurable. More info to come.

PractiFI Analytics animation

    • PractiFI Settings page: Now you can access PractiFI’s huge configurability from within the beautiful PractiFI user experience, rather than going under the hood into Salesforce setup. Adjust categories such as client segments, client stages, service types, service groups, benefit covers, asset and liability types, and so much more. Create new process types and process steps, adjust existing steps and assign steps to processes. Create or edit relationship types and assign them accordingly. Enable integrations such as Dropbox and Google Drive, or plug in customised PractiFI pages.

PractiFI Settings

  • Active attribute on configuration options: Get even finer grained control over PractiFI’s configurable options with the new Active attribute. Now you can tightly control exactly which categories, process types and relationship types are available for your team without having to delete anything you might want to reactivate later. Simple, but powerful.
  • Improved Client View page: We’ve made some changes under the hood to our Client View page. You don’t need to worry what they are, just that they result in faster page load times.
  • Photos in Client People tab: The table of client people in Client View now displays the person’s photograph, for that added personal touch.

Client View - Client people

  • Editable sidebar notes for Practice View: The Practice View sidebar has always been a great place for you to add any notes, messaging or useful links you want your team to access day to day. Now that sidebar is editable directly from within Practice View. Just click the pencil icon and add whatever you like. We’ll look after formatting it neatly into the sidebar.
  • Editable sidebar notes for clients: Ever wanted to make sure that a crucial piece of information about your client is front and centre whenever your staff deal with them? Our new client sidebar notes are just what you’ve always wanted. [Thanks to Scotty and Ben for this idea.]

Client sidebar animation

  • Sidebar Twitter feed: Time to get more social with your clients. In PractiFI, you can already note a client’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts so that their activity on those sites is only a simple click away from our Client View. But now we’ve gone one step further and brought your client’s Twitter feed and Twitter favourites into the Client View sidebar. This gives an up-to-the-moment feed of your client’s activity on Twitter so you’re always in touch with what they’re saying. Plus, you can retweet or favourite the client’s posts straight from the sidebar.

PractiFI Twitter feed

  • Collapsible sidebar: The PractiFI sidebar contains team messages, client photographs, social media links, Twitter feeds and other great stuff. But if you’d rather allow more girth in our main page section, and you want to make better use of your fancy widescreen monitor, go right ahead with our new collapsible sidebar.
  • Contextual task popups: Tasks have long been visible and in-line editable in the context of the processes or services that they belong to. We’ve expanded that feature so that you can now edit the full details of the task in its own popup. Once you save the task, you’re straight back into the context of the process or service you were looking at. [Thanks to Claire for the feedback on this one.]
  • Preconfigure the stage for newly launched tasks: you can now configure processes types and their steps so that tasks are launched with specific stages. This means that if a process has, say, five steps, you can configure step 1 with a stage of Not Started (i.e. it’s ready to go, but not yet under way) and steps 2-5 with a stage of Pending (i.e. waiting on another step).
  • Stages for recommendations: Recommendations you make for clients (e.g. consolidate superannuation, increase holdings of blue chip equities, increase disability cover) now have an associated stage, with standard options of Recommended (when initially offered to the client), Accepted (when the client has confirmed to take action on the recommendation) and Implemented (when that action has been fulfilled). Like all of our picklists, you can reconfigure these options for your practice if you like. [Thanks to Scotty for this idea.]
  • Multiple recommendations on policies: We’ve changed the way that recommendations relate to policies, making it a little more flexible. If a policy is under advice (marked with the same checkbox as before), you can now select the service under which it is advised and optionally apply none, one or multiple recommendations to it. This means you’re not obliged to apply recommendations just to relate the policy to a service, as well as providing flexibility to apply multiple recommendations over time. [Thanks again Claire, a nice idea.]
  • Relating services to services: The services you provide to clients can now be related together. This has all sorts of power, particularly for reporting. For example, you may complete a personal advice service that results in the creation of several implementation services (one for a life insurance application, one for a mortgage, one for a new investment, etc.). The implementation services can be related back to the advice service so that the revenue and costs across all can be reported on together. Services can also be related across clients. For example, relate a corporate superannuation service for an employer with the super fund management service for each member client; or relate an employer’s group insurance service with the policy management service for each employee. [Thanks to Ben's insight on how this applies to group insurance, and to Ingrid for applying it to corporate super.]
  • Added fields to the add new policy popup in Client View to match those in the view/edit popup.
  • Fixed bug in Person View where link to client record was incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented adding client people relationships to an entity with entity type of “other”.
  • Fixed a bug that affected full operation of service process dependencies.
  • Fixed a bug where the client feed was mishandling rich text copied in from emails.