PractiFI Demo: Fee Disclosure Statements

With the FoFA reforms, Fee Disclosure Statements (FDS) have become an administrative requirement that can take up valuable time in your financial advice business. What if you could easily identify clients that are due for a statement, generate them at the click of a button and email them directly to the client? Not only would it save you time and streamline your business, but your clients will also appreciate a consistent experience.

Watch how PractiFI can save valuable time and improve the FDS process for you and your clients.


PractiFI Demo: Opportunity Identification

The best place to look for revenue opportunities is within your existing client base. In financial services, the ability to unlock business value and increase revenue is critical to success. So how do you identify sales pipeline opportunities and demonstrate the benefit of proactive advice? Even better, how do you this with minimal effort?

Take a look at how PractiFI’s Opportunity Identification dashboard can help you do this in just a few clicks.

PractiFI Demo: Campaign Monitor Integration

Marketing to your clients and communicating with them on a regular basis is vital, no matter what type of business you operate. In the financial services space, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in superannuation, financial advice or insurance – good marketing and communication can help you win more business and ensure customer satisfaction.

Creating, sending and monitoring any outreach activity can be difficult, particularly when you are dealing with large numbers of clients. PractiFI’s Pinot Noir release introduced Campaign Monitor integration, which allows you to create campaigns and maintain visibility over them at a client interaction level.

Take a look at how this integration could transform your marketing and communication activity.

PractiFI Demo: Praemium Integration

Maintaining visibility over your clients’ investments can be a challenge. As an adviser, it’s important to be able to gain fast and accurate access to your clients’ portfolios so you can keep them informed, provide them with advice and answer any queries about their investment position. This is where portfolio administration platforms can assist.

V-Wrap is Praemium’s portfolio administration system, known for its ability to manage client investments in a single account. PractiFI Pinot Noir brings the ability to add a Praemium V-Wrap account to the Assets tab in Client View. It gives you quick access to a client’s full V-Wrap portfolio at the click of a button.

Take a look at how easy it is to gain a deeper look into a client’s V-Wrap portfolio from PractiFI.

PractiFI Demo: OmniLife Integration

Finding the right insurance product for a client and generating a corresponding quote is one of the most time consuming aspects of providing insurance advice. There is a plethora of products to compare and premiums vary based on various factors, making it hard to explain the differences to clients.

OmniLife is an insurance quote and comparison tool that can take the pain out of product research and quote generation, whilst providing client engagement by way of real time quoting and downloadable reports.

Take a look at how PractiFI’s integration with OmniLife can reduce the insurance sales cycle.

PractiFI Demo: Box Integration

In an age where document management is important for everything from client service to compliance, a secure cloud based document storage solution can make things more organised than ever.

The ability to set folder structures and user permissions, synchronise across multiple devices and maintain enterprise level security are important in a financial services business. Add to that easy document sharing and collaboration between team members and it’s easy to see the benefits of getting document management right.

As part of the recent Pinot Noir release, PractiFI allows you to connect your Box account, providing access to your files directly from the client record. Your Box folder permissions are maintained while keeping everything synchronised.

Take a look at how PractiFI’s integration with Box makes managing client files easier than ever.

PractiFI Demo: Provisio Integration

Comprehensive strategy modelling is at the heart of good strategic financial advice. Not only can it determine your clients’ financial futures, but it can also function as a useful sales and client engagement tool.

PractiFI’s integration with Provisio makes model scenarios faster and easier to construct, reducing the need for rekeying of data and providing user friendly visual outputs that can be used to educate your clients during the sales process.

Take a look at how PractiFI’s integration with Provisio can help you create optimised strategies in just a few clicks.

PractiFI Demo: DocuSign Integration

The problem of obtaining signatures from clients is universal. In financial services, we understand the importance of signature management whether it be in insurance, retirement or financial advice. Signatures are required to meet increasing compliance obligations and they can also hold up the sales and implementation process.

The recent PractiFI Pinot Noir release makes signature management easy through our integration with DocuSign. Seamlessly send documents out to clients for signature, track their completion and store the returned compliant documents.

Take a look at how signature management is now seamless, secure and compliant through PractiFI.

PractiFI Demo: Merging Local & Cloud Data in PractiFI

Many regulated businesses in financial services face compliance considerations when it comes to taking full advantage of enterprise cloud technology.

Across insurance, retirement and financial advice, many companies have engaged proactively and successfully with regulators and implemented major cloud platforms at scale.

Others opt for a policy of storing personally identifiable customer information inside their firewall, which to date has severely limited their ability to exploit the benefits that enterprise cloud has to offer.

PractiFI’s Pinot Noir release changes all that.

With our new external data feature, you can seamlessly merge data from your internal databases into the PractiFI user experience. Leverage all of the customer engagement power of an industry cloud platform like PractiFI whilst keeping your core customer records within your corporate firewall.

Take a look (go HD and full screen).

PractiFI Demo: Drill-Through Analytics

I’m incredibly excited about our recent Pinot Noir release and not just because of its wealth of new integrations and features.

I love it also because it takes PractiFI Analytics to another level of interactivity.

PractiFI Analytics now accesses our action framework, allowing for on click drill-throughs for more detailed analysis. PractiFI Analytics can now answer deeper questions, such as:

  • If my top financial adviser earned the business $50k in revenue for the month amongst our segment A clients, how did that split by revenue type? And how does that compare to the revenue split for our segment B and C clients?
  • If 16% of our advice team’s audit results are graded Unacceptable, how many advisers comprise that number? Is it a broad trend, or a concentrated set of repeatedly poor results? How do our audit results this year compare to last year?
  • If the average time for handling complex member enquiries in our superannuation fund is 3.5 days, how does that vary across our contact centre team members? For a single enquiry type, such as notification of insurance claim, how has our average handling time improved or worsened month on month this year?

Superannuation funds and advice businesses use PractiFI Analytics to answer these types of questions every day. But the real power lies in the configurability of Analytics to answer the questions you might need to ask in future.

Take a look (go HD and full screen).