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Become a PractiFI Gun: New Tutorials Available Now

It’s been a whirlwind time for us since we launched PractiFI only a few short months ago. And whilst building and releasing PractiFI Semillon Release 2, we’ve been catching up on publishing more support materials (OK, you might say some rather than more – fair cop). We really want to help all of our fantastic clients make a massive success of managing a killer wealth practice with PractiFI.

So we’ve embarked on a series of online PractiFI tutorials. They’re a mix of overview slide decks, deep dives on key concepts, “how to” screen by screen instructions and short demo videos. Part 1, Getting an Overview of PractiFI, is the perfect place to start.



I’ll let you know as we publish more tutorials. And of course, if there are any area you’d like covered that we haven’t yet, don’t be shy, drop us a note.


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