Become a PractiFI Gun: Tutorials on Creating & Managing Processes

We had an awesome response to our earlier tutorials on managing clients and people in PractiFI and managing your service offering in PractiFI.

So today we’re getting even more hardcore, on the topic of how to drive process efficiency in your practice.

In designing PractiFI, we heard loud and clear that whether it’s in advice, investments, insurance, accounting or lending, process efficiency is a massive priority. And everyone knows that standardising routine operations in your practice leads to higher quality output, makes training easier and drives up the value of your business. But you also told us – loud and clear! – that you’ve been burnt by overly complex workflow systems in the past, so it had to be simple.

Take a quick look at this how-to demo to learn how to create and manage processes with PractiFi. Like to know more? Contact us.


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Like to know more? Don’t hesitate to drop me a return email, harangue me on Twitter, or call our team on +61 2 9262 1649.