Become a PractiFI Gun: Tutorial on Configuring Your Reference Data

We were really inspired that, off the back of our tutorial video on Creating Processes & Steps with PractiFI, all those PractiFI system admins out there were able to get hands-on to standardise the routine stuff in their businesses. We had great feedback, as well as a resounding cry of “we want more!”.

Turns out our lead tech consultant Matt is also a dab hand at writing great tutorials. (He’s the son of a journalist, so knows his way around a quill and an inkpot.) He quickly got to work on the next how-to instalment: Configuring Reference Data in PractiFI.

Now well may you ask: what (TF) is reference data?

Reference data is everywhere in PractiFI, tirelessly working behind the scenes to personalise almost everything you see on the page. Picklists, menus, which tabs appear or not, processes available to launch and much more are all driven by reference data.

If you’re the system admin of your PractiFI instance, have a read. By configuring reference data, you can bend and sculpt PractiFI to your will. Just be sure to use your new found powers for good, eh?


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