Spa Experience is Coming

PractiFI Spa Experience is coming

Every now and then we can all benefit from a refresh. That's why we've refreshed the PractiFI user interface from the ground up so that it's better, stronger and faster. The result is the PractiFI Spa Experience, and as a PractiFI user, you're invited.

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Troubleshooting: How Do I Merge Duplicate Client Records?

From time to time as a PractiFI system admin, you may need to grant access to PractiFI's support team to answer a question or resolve an issue. Here's how.

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How To: Start and Manage Tasks

Services are where you'll track the commercial business you do with your clients. And they're pretty all round awesome. Here we explain how to create a service for a client. Ready?

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How To: Upload New Clients & People Into PractiFI

So you've made the decision to jump on the PractiFI bandwagon? Good call. Go you!
Once you've managed to recover from having your mind blown, you'll probably want to get some of your data into the system. And the best place to start is with your Clients and People.

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Person View - Personally Identifiable Info

PractiFI Demo: Merging Local & Cloud Data in PractiFI

Many financial services businesses engage proactively with regulators and implemented enterprise cloud platforms at scale. Others opt to store customer information inside their firewall, limiting their cloud options. PractiFI's Pinot Noir release changes all that, seamlessly merging the cloud with data from behind your firewall.

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Analytics - Adviser Performance

PractiFI Demo: Drill-Through Analytics

Our Pinot Noir release takes PractiFI Analytics to another level of interactivity with drill-throughs actions. Click chart segments to drill down for more detail, redirect to other pages or open popups for more information. But the real power lies in the configurability of Analytics to answer the questions you might need to ask in future.

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Merge or aquire? Why #fintech is critical to achieving scale in financial services

Will you be forced to merge your business with another when the competition gets too hot? Or will you be dictating terms?

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Technology is key to ethics and good governance in financial services

When parliament returns today there’ll be plenty of debate about business ethics, especially as it applies to banking and financial services. But one thing is missing from the debate - technology!

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PractiFI Malbec Release

Good news! PractiFI Malbec is out and includes a host of new features and enhancements. If you’d like any more information (we know there’s a lot there) feel free to get in touch!

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