2016: The Year of the Client

2015 was a big year for wealth technology. Advancements in robo advice, greater mainstream social media adoption and even DIY investing changed the way individuals consume advice, as well as the way advisers interact with them. But amongst all the hype and change, one thing remains decidedly unchanged: financial advice is all about meaningful client relationships.

Now that we’re well and truly into 2016, are you afraid of what’s to come, or will you embrace the new year with open arms?

As an adviser, you’re comfortable with the concept of volatility. Markets are always moving, but you know that your strong client relationships are what keeps you in business. It’s the same with technology. Staying true to your clients will help you navigate the constantly evolving digital landscape and make the right decisions.

Remember that wealth technology isn’t a shortcut, it’s a relationship enabler. Focus on your client relationships this year and you’ll weather whatever comes your way.

So before you go looking for the next big threat or opportunity that 2016 presents to your advice business, take a moment to put on your client-centric goggles. Firmly. The rest will fall into place.